Sunday, February 17, 2008

Laurelhurst Park

I stumbled upon Laurelhurst Park one night after leaving Noble Rot, a great little wine bar, just off of Burnside & 28th. I had met some friends for a glass of wine and their heirloom tomato panzanella salad and was driving home, already reminiscing about the glass of Justice Pinot Noir that had fast worked its way into my ongoing "new favorite wine" contest. It finally occurred to me after passing the same house again, that I was quite happily lost in the beautiful neighborhood of Laurelhurst.

I love neighborhoods like Laurelhurst--where the homes are set back off the street and their owners have lovingly restored their early 20th century charm. I picture spouses inside pouring over copies of Gourmet magazine deciding what to have alongside their dinner of roasted duck while their kids conjugate french verbs at the kitchen table. In 3 seconds flat I decided that when I grow up and become an adult, I will live in Laurelhurst.

Laurelhurst Park sits in the middle of my future neighborhood and I had wanted to go back but unfortunately my car goes on auto pilot any time I get close and insists upon parking right in front of Noble Rot. So what else can I do but run inside for a lingering glass of my new favorite wine? Inevitably it ends up too late and while I like to consider myself a strong kick ass kind of gal, I am actually quite terrified of being outside alone at night. I'm sure it stems from reading books about Ted Bundy when I was a teenager. No, no Laurelhurst Park at night would just not do. I would have to wait for a day just like today.

The Mutt and I woke up early and both ran outside--her to sniff and do her business and me to see if the promised sun had made it out. It had! We jumped in the car and headed over to the park and spent an hour wandering around the pond, looking at the ducks and meeting other dog walkers. I love parks right in the middle of the city--Balboa Park in San Diego, Central Park in Manhattan, Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington Park in Portland. But Laurelhurst Park you get my vote for a new contest ... my new favorite park. I feel it's just as important to "love locally" as it is important to "eat locally" ... even if you do have to drive to get there.

I reluctantly pulled away from Laurelhurst (with a swing by Noble Rot juuuust to see if they were open, which they weren't damn it) to head back to my own 'hood for the inevitable weekend errand running when I popped into the grocery store. Just as the clerk was ringing up my last item, I grabbed a Gourmet magazine and threw it in for good measure.