Sunday, August 16, 2009

Oh Mah Lawsy

Oh hello!

Did ah like forget ah gots a blaaaawwwg or what?! Good lawd, last week was crazy!

Between my ginormous deal at work, hot Predo's birthday, my birthday and a party in the swank Pearl District last night. This girl has been. On. The. MOVE. And if you know nothing else about SSG, you know that she likes to move as little as possible.

Even Fisher stared up at me from the front seat of the car one night, curled up in a ball, as if to say "Can I just sleep HERE. You don't need me to like get out or something do you?"

So how are YOU lovlies?! I promise to come around and visit and see what all you've been up to!

But for now, The $40 Foodie for the week!

Grand total: $34.33 ($5.67 under budget + $4.04 under budget for the month = $9.71 under budget)

Target: $8.27
Albertsons: $26.06

Dinners for the week:
Sunday - Slow Cooked Moo Shu Pork with rice
Monday - Breakfast for dinner (eggs, potatoes, fruit & toast)
Tuesday - Roast chicken, salad & pesto potato salad
Wednesday - Chicken enchiladas and salad
Thursday - (From the freezer) Chicken Tangine, carrot slaw and rice

Some of you might be thinking "that's a lot of chicken and yet I don't see any chicken in the photo." Well aren't you smart!

My plan is to stop and buy a rotisserie chicken on Tuesday night. I also need to pick up some mushrooms--I find that they don't stay fresh in my refrigerator for more than a day or two. So the $9 that I'm over will go to those two items. Chicken is on sale this week for $1.99 a pound, so if I get ambitious I miiiight just cook up a pound of chicken on my own and forgo the rotisserie but it's supposed to be 95 degrees this week so uh ... I'll let you guess what will probably end up happening!

A few of you asked about the black bean burgers I mentioned last week. Here is the recipe, I just substituted the black beans for the butter beans.

I found them just okay--nothing to be wowed over ... although is it possible to be wowed over a black bean burger? Perhaps my expectations are too high. I did find them kicked up a notch by this pesto ...

This is the recipe I used, substituting the pine nuts for walnuts because um ... I'm cheap and I had them on hand.

This pesto is good, but REALLY thick. Spleen has one that's a lot thinner, so I'll try and see if she can give it to me. Again. SSG miiiight have asked for it once or twice before but never remember where she puts it. Perhaps our little Spleen will take pity on us.

This week should be a lot quieter, so I should be back in action. I've missed it around here!



Anonymous said...

Store the mushrooms in a paper bag, NOT plastic, and they will last longer in your fridge.

I Am Woody said...

Well, happy late birthday! Hope it was wonderful!!

Bella Della said...

I MISSED your birthday! Darn it! I will make it up to you, I promise ;)

By the way, you have totally made me hungry!

Molly said...

all i can say is that if August is Predo's, SSG's and my birthday month that explains why it's so hhaaawwwttttt! said...

Happy birthday, SSG! And my feelings are no matter the temperature, there is nothing better than store bought rotisserie chicken! Soooo good!

Lys said...

OK - I'm an airhead, I missed your b'day??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both you and Predo! I'd sing, but you know the rules - laws against that and all that yadda yadda yadda!