Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitchen Musings

The problem with being on a stay-cation is that SSG has time to ruminate over her kitchen. More specifically ... all of the things that annoy her about her kitchen.

Today she even made a list.

It literally was titled "Things About My Kitchen That Annoy Me."

There are lots of them.

The complete lack of storage.
The clutter.
The utter lack of style.

SSG wants to be calmed and soothed. But she also would like to be inspired and welcomed.


So she's been looking around for inspiration.

And kind of liked what these two rooms have goin' on.

Especially since SSG currently has two gallons of Restoration Hardware's "Latte" paint that have been sitting in her garage unopened for um ... four years.

I KNOW! I KNOW! SSG has a hard time deciding on things. But they'll still be totally good, right?

So anyhoo ... SSG woke up and was thinking about her kitchen.
Then went to the dentist and was thinking about her kitchen.
Then came home and stood in her kitchen thinking about her kitchen.

And finally screamed.

And then went and saw the movie Julie & Julia.

Where for a couple of blissful hours she enjoyed thinking about someone else's kitchen.


Unknown said...

I just love the way you analyze things. Just jump in and have fun.

I am reading Jullie's book before the DVD comes out, hopefully before Christmas.

Molly said...

if you haven't found it already:

what she did with her kitchen is amazing. and she is budget conscious. said...

I totally like that third option where you think about someone else's kitchen. But if you do decide to use that paint, run it by the hardware store first to get them to put it in the paint can shaker thing cause, day-yum, that's sat there a long time! ;-)

Frita said...

I love the B&W one... Of course ;o) I have had my inspirational piece of B&W patterned fabric for the last year or so that is the jumping off point for our kitchen redux. Hopefully, we'll get some movement on it before the end of the month and life gets chaotic again.

I just need to decide which color to paint.

I'd like to thank Molly for the most amazing link. I can't believe I haven't found that one before!