Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Do You Wonder Wednesday

Hello Pretties! I'm taking a few reader questions a week and posting them here in case you're wondering about the same things. Have a question? E-mail me at the longest e-mail addy ever: My password is just as long. No one said SSG's e-mail isn't PRO-TEC-TED.

Are you doing the $40 Foodie this week?

This little experiment has BY FAR gotten more attention than SSG was expecting which was a pleasant surprise. So THANK YOU for your interest. SSG thrives on encouragement and would absolutely jump off a cliff if all of her friends did and told her they thought she could do it brilliantly.

Oh. But that's not what you asked, is it?

I did go to the grocery store this week and bought $19.89 worth of groceries. I neglected to take a picture because a lot of what I intended to make last week just didn't happen. Between the heat wave and the angels that are known as Predo & Jimmy who donated a bunch of leftovers to their little SSG, I didn't do a whole lot of cooking last week. So I'm essentially making all of the recipes I posted last week, this week.

So long story short (too late). The usual $40 Foodie will be back up this coming Saturday.

Can you post the recipes you make?

I've gone back and forth about posting the recipes. Only because I have really only been WOWED by one thing I've made so far. Like said out loud "OH.MAH.GAH." after my first bite. And I feel like you guys deserve the wow. But if I told you that the WOW came from a carrot salad, I thought you guys might be all "Seriously? Where is the butter?" Although I did make a really good blueberry coffee cake that might also be wow worthy. And that had butter.


You tell me. Do you guys want the recipes if I've never tried them? Or do you want my favorites at the end of the week? I'm here for you. Help me help you. And what if we don't have the same taste in food? Can we still be friends?

Because okay ... confession. Is there anything more disappointing than when you read a cookbook or blog or watch a person on TV and they're SO excited about the food they just made that it inspires you to make it? And then you take a bite and just go "eh." SSG dies a little bit inside when that happens. But that might just be SSG.

What will always put you in a good mood?

I love this question! I've compiled a list of my Top 10 for you!

  • A great baseball game where the Padres win
  • White dishes
  • Dahlias
  • Cheesy rap (ie. Hammertime, Baby Got Back, You Can't Touch This, etc.)
  • Sitting around a candlelit dinner table with friends
  • Fisher's face
  • A recipe turning out better than I had hoped
  • Sunny Saturday mornings
  • The bittersweet sadness of finishing a book or a movie that I just don't want to end
  • Driving through the country--open spaces, empty roads and homemade farm stands
I think my shoulders just came away from my ears a bit.



Molly said...

I so get it (ears/shoulders)...can't post why, but I SOOOOooooo get it. My shoulders have not left the vicinity of my ears in week. Makes long dangly earrings difficult.

I Am Woody said...

I vote for you to give us the Wow. I'm pretty good at Eh all on my own:)

Unknown said...

Cheesy rap..Jay Z...Ninety Nine Problems.

My shoulders are a little lower now too.

I think recipes written by you with photos would be awesome...not just recipes...but written in classic SSG style. said...

Oooooh, good ones! I like the list of what puts you in a good mood, best!

Bella Della said...

I love your list and you too of course ;)