Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A (Sometimes!) Kind of Day

Oh My. We're onto the bullets ...

  • I am down to ONE functioning bra internets. This also may be a direct correlation to how many brain cells SSG has left.
  • I WAS on a 3 bra rotation, 5 if you count the two umm ... racy ones (shhhh). I felt the telltale stabbing of a broken underwire TWICE this week and have a WAR WOUND to prove it. No Predo, you can't see it. (Okay, maybe just a little peek on Saturday.)
  • As of 2 (hopefully!) p.m. tomorrow, SSG will OFFICIALLY be on vacay through LABOR DAY. Can SSG get a what what?!
  • That big deal of SSG's that was supposed to be finished uh ... hmmm ... was it about a month ago now? Yeah, it's still not finalized. Please take a moment to pray for SSG's deal to be wrapped up tomorrow. (And WELL before 2 p.m!)
  • A new guy started at SSG's work and has been hangin' with the lunch posse this week. Today SSG mentioned that she recently turned 35 and he yelled "WHAT?! You'd never be able to tell." SSG was flattered ... and then immediately offended.
  • But then one of her other coworkers said "I seriously thought you were 25 when I first started."
  • And then SSG yelled at all of them "DUDES! THIRTY FIVE IS NOT OLD! But thank you. Wait, is it my maturity level that made you think I was 25?"
  • ALLEGEDLY it isn't.
  • I have a new neighbor. Or my next door neighbor has a new girlfriend. Anyhoo, she LOVES Fisher. And talks to her repeatedly. Which makes Fisher bark. But also makes Fisher look for her ... by sitting out on the back deck and occasionally barking hoping this chick will come out and tell her how cute she is. Which would be ADORABLE. If it weren't SO ANNOYING.
  • SSG was given a necklace this week. An um ... blingy necklace. An um ... not really SSG's style kind of necklace (SSG isn't very blingy). It was so enormous that the following are actual comments she received just by taking it out of the box "Um, WHAT IS THAT?" "Hey, is that the bathing suit top from last years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover?" "I'm guessing whoever gave you that doesn't like you very much."
  • Granted SSG works with dudes, but even my lady friends that work at the Starbucks downstairs saw Work BFF helping me untangle this um ... necklace/bathing suit top/bedazzzled t-shirt in the lobby of our building and asked us "what in the HELL were you guys holding up out there?" Which made Work BFF laugh so hard he couldn't talk.
Come on SERENDIPITOUS part of SSG's name, she knows you're out there somewhere ...


Molly said...

the bullets are liberating aren't they?

i recently had to stock up on bras and found my favorite fits right was discontinued. i went to ebay with the model # and bought as many as i could find. which is good because someone, i won't name names big furry beast, got into the laundry and shredded the bra that was in the laundry basket.

why do you make me think up better stories than I can think of to post?

I Am Woody said...

What I wouldn't give to be able to go without a bra! But the girls have made a very successful run for the border. And I ain't talking Canada!

Candy said...

What is wrong with the bra makers?? I popped the wire on two bras this week...I'm very annoyed. Especially since I only own TWO BRAS. said...

The thing I am left wondering is who gave you the necklace and what did you do to offend them?
Heh, word verification is "drama".

Unknown said...

I wanna see a photo of the bling! Sorry I haven't been by lately...things here have been...well....sucky, BUT I am seeing a light at the end of the BLACK HOLE I was sucked into.