Sunday, August 2, 2009


I love the word cattywompus.

Though fun to say, the reaction on peoples faces after it comes out of my mouth is almost more fun.


This last week made SSG feel v.v. cattywompus.

I knew going into it that it was not going to be a normal week. Record high heat (the last time Portland got to 106 degrees was like 50 years ago), my lack of air conditioning at home and the STRETCH that I knew I had ahead of me made me mentally prepare myself for such savage conditions.

SSG can TOLERATE high temps for a couple of days in a row. Portland cools off at night, so I open up every window in my house, plop myself in front of a fan with something cold to drink and I can stay pretty comfortable. Before I go to work, I close everything up and during the day it stays about 15 degrees cooler than however hot it is outside.

Which is nice.

Except when it's 106 degrees outside.

My place? A balmy 90 degrees. Even at 11 p.m.

SSG was craaaaaaaanky.

I escaped on a couple of occasions over to the oasis that is Predo and Jimmy's refrigerated basement and left feeling refreshed and with enough leftovers to allow me to freeze the bulk of the groceries I purchased last week and only have to go to the store for a few items today. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT THOSE TWO?! I shudder just thinking about it. Not only did they keep me on my budget, they kept me from sweating my skin off.


We're back(ish) to normal. It's only going to be 90 degrees today. The tenth (I think?) day in a row over 90 degree temps. And can I just tell you I LOVE that Portlanders are as annoyed as I am about this business.

We don't do heat well. And it's nice being around mah peeps. Growing up in San Diego where it is frequently warm and sunny is not the spot for a fair skinned delicate indoor flower like myself. SSG is like an orchid.

So my friends the Bobs are coming through town this afternoon on their way back home to Seattle. I have a massage scheduled at noon and am just heading downstairs to put my Cuban Ropa Vieja into the slow cooker for dinner.

Cool Sunday mornings, how I've missed you.


I Am Woody said...

So glad you didn't melt!!

Rhi said...

DID YOU SEE? It's supposed to rain on Friday. RAIN!!! HURRAY!!1

ab said...

Do you know what I have been longing for? Wearing a sweater and drinking hot tea. I'm so over this heat it's not even funny.

Unknown said...

No AC? I would just absolutely DIE!

I was wondering how you were holding up...and I am glad to see there is a slight reprieve...but this chicka doesn't even do 90 degrees without AC...maybe 80...but that is on a good day.

Bella Della said...

Did that list you made while yardsaling include an AC?

Predo said...

I too love that word, especially when used naked!!!