Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moo Shu Pork Recipe

For my last couple of years at San Diego State University (go Aztecs!) I lived in a little three bedroom house on 63rd Street with Spleen and Digs. Our house was so close to campus that one night Digs walked into a coffee shop to study with Spleen, set her backpack on the table and fell into a chair right before our cat walked in behind her as if he owned the place.

It was on 63rd Street that I was introduced to hoisin sauce. The thick and sticky sauce is made primarily from a combination of soybeans, vinegar, sugar and chilies and has a savory and sweet balance that make it right up SSG's alley. SSG digs on complexity. When it comes to food. Everything else she likes as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

So hoisin sauce was a staple around the 63rd Street casa, stirred into broccoli beef, poured over chicken and vegetable stir fry and even occasionally licked directly off the spoon by yours truly.

SSG hadn't cooked with hoisin sauce for a LONG time but was transported right back to college when she tasted a bit of this recipe. It's from the September issue of Family Circle magazine and cooks in the slow cooker. Or as Digs and I say "you can CROCK it." The trick is to save some of the sauce for the very end of the cooking time. It brightens up the flavor and I'd even venture a guess that leaving some of the coleslaw mix to stir in right before serving would lend itself well to a satisfying crunch.

Satisfying, tasty and simple. Just like life on 63rd Street.


Bella Della said...

Okay, so it is hoisin sauce on my beloved beef n brocoli at my fave Chinese place? If so I am going out to buy a case right away.

Unknown said... yum. That sounds so good. I want some.

word Verification: Supet...that little meal between lunch and dinner.

Anonymous said...

Awwww 63rd St.....those were the days! And Biscoti....may he rest in peace :). said...

Sounds wonderful and your suggestions sound right on the money as well.