Saturday, August 8, 2009

The $40 Foodie & Why I Went to Starbucks Against My Will

So I didn't intend to go to Starbucks this morning. I had just finished a perfectly good cup of coffee at home. But then I got on the road to head to the grocery store. And then I miiiiiight have cut a police car off.

But didn't notice until it was following me. Closely.


SSG started to sweat a little. And decided to make the next right hand turn. She signaled WELL BEFORE she started to turn.

And then the cop turned behind her.


So SSG decided to pull into a parking lot.

And then the cop turned into the parking lot.

And then SSG wondered what the heeeeellll she was going to do once in the aforementioned parking lot.

And that's when she spied a Starbucks. Which um, shocker ... but brilliant! SSG would go to Starbucks.

So she pulled into a parking spot.

And the the cop pulled into a parking space next to SSG.


SSG decided to go ahead and play dumb. So she didn't make eye contact, hopped out of her car, slammed the door, then jogged across the parking lot and stood in line at Starbucks and was going "Lalalala, just waitin' in line at Starbucks (whistles) nothing to see here! NO I do NOT have cops following me! Why would you think such a thing? GAH."

And then the cops came into Starbucks.

And SSG wondered if they could pull her over in LINE. In front of EVERYONE. And if her jogging across the parking lot would have been seen as evading arrest
Or if there was some statute of limitations that prevented SSG from getting a ticket once she ordered an iced Americano.

So she ordered an iced Americano.

And then the cops ordered coffees.

And that's when SSG realized.


And SSG wonders if her brain formulated that whole experience just to justify getting this:

So anyhoo! How were your mornings?

What you came here for the $40 Foodie? Okay.

Grocery tally ...

Trader Joe's: $42.98
Albertson's: $11.20

Think SSG's over budget? Think again! Total for the week is $54.18, combine that with last week's groceries and my accidental Starbucks run ($1.90) I'm still under my $80 budget by $4.03. Woot woot!

And confession ... I did buy this ... but that's included in the Albertson's total.

SSG's a sucker for 20 Style Rules & Tricks to Sparkling Eyes. She'll let you know if she learns anything ...

So THIS is going in an envelope to pull from next time SSG needs to make a clean getaway ... from her overactive imagination.

(Menu will be up tomorrow.)


I Am Woody said...

The most important question - was the cop hot and was he checking you out?!? OK so that's 2 questions but they are both important! said...

WERE THEY AT LEAST CUTE? They obviously thought you were hawt, cause cops converge at donut shops, not Starbucks!
You should hang out and smile at them next time. ;-)

Suz Broughton said...

LOL!! It was unavoidable. YOu had to throw the fuzz off! Well done.

Unknown said...

They were totally hitting on you!!

You are my hero...I see BUTTER!!!

See, there is something to be said about relating food to writing and creativity. Isn't it funny how it sneaks into and around our lives.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I was getting nervous about the police cars!

You are a great budgeter. Wow. I came over this morning via Living on the Spit. I just love your blog name. So sweet! Whenever I see it, I smile!

big hair envy said...

WHEW! That was a close one! Next time, you should invite them over for lemon drops;)

Lys said...

Wait - cops can afford Starbucks ;) (just playin'). Now second question is were they at least good eye candy?

Predo said...

You are a shopping genius!!!

We could never do so well. You know that ice cream and cake thing always puts us over budget!!!!