Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wah-Dah-Tay Gets a Blog

A Note from SSG:

Many of you know Wade (aka "Wah-dah-tay") if you read the comments section of my posts.  Wade has become such a close friend since I moved to Portland, that it honestly wouldn't be the same place without him.  Many of my Portland memories include my times at Wade and Jimmy's house.  Today I will be leaving Paris and taking a train down to Provence.  And I know, without a doubt, that leaving this beautiful, rich city that leaves me breathless will be ALMOST as hard as leaving Wade & Jimmy's.

Beau is French for beautiful.  I mean seriously, when I type serendipity in my super secret introspective search engine, the above image is what comes up!  SSG, the stars have aligned!  Lemons falling from the sky?  Being at the right place at the right time?  SSG (aka Serendipity Spice!) on her way to Paris?  I mean, whose is kidding?  Good Gawd, it is a sign!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Wade (Wa-da-tay, Poo-tay-Wang, also known as the Dang-a-Lang-Kang).  I am taking over this blog, but before I do, you best get yourself a little drinky poo!

No, really, go get one!  This blog aint goin’ nowhere.

Okay, now that we are all comfy, and with cocktail, I shall begin.

So, at probably the most wondrous time of my life, I was set free in Europe for almost 3 years.  I went rampant.  I tasted history, literature, art, fashion, food, drink, travel, and on and on and on and on……..It was finally my time.  I thought the world was mine to dance across.  I thought the universe had opened up and was pouring its endless wonders into my locked up heart.  I was no longer afraid, no longer cared what people thought, no longer wanted to hide from the world.  Then, oh my, then, I met Paris.

Ah, Paris, she is such an amazing city.  The first three days I sat in the park near the Eiffel Tower and read old world romance novels, drank wine and ate hot steamy fresh baked bread and soft white farmers cheese.  I walked the city at night, all night, looking at the sky, the streets, the architecture.  I felt the power she held, and of course the romance.  Not the kind of romance that leads to lines like “Why yes Mr. Producer, I would like to go up to your apartment and try out for a role in your new movie “Penetration”!  No, just simply romance, the kind that fills your heart so full you think it will burst or float away.  By the way, I found the same feeling a few years later when I met Jimmy (and now almost 18 years later still have that same feeling!)

The Paris I got to know was not the chained servant held by tourism.  I saw her for what she was.  Magnificent!  She had her problems, like any city, but her people were FABULOUS!  Every time I hear people whine about how rude the French are, I just want to punch them in the “Who-Ha”.  By the way, Who-Ha is the highly technical term for very sensitive private parts held betwixt ones legs.  Oh, I digress.  Paris simply gave me the comfort, the support and the biggest heartfelt hug one could imagine.  I found myself thanks to her.  One day, I will take Jimmy there.  That would be full circle wouldn’t it.  My first trip to Paris alone, and my last with the love of my life, now that is Paris.

SSG is on her way to that special place, and I can hardly hold back my excitement.  (which is true, I will be rearranging the furniture in nothing but my Calvin Kleins awaiting some sort of sign that she has made it – a little sign, nothing big,  you know, like a prophet coming to my house to invite me to design challenge on HGTV or something).  Again, I digress, as always…..Anyway,  I know she will definitely “get” the city.  She will “Live, Live, Live” as said by Auntie Mame.  She will see behind the curtain where the great and powerful “Oz” pulls the levers, and she will come back forever changed.  Oh, and SSG, if there is any “Hide the Weenie” action, you will tell me all about it, right?

So, SSG, what do I say?  One of the most wondrous and amazing people I know, going to one of the most wondrous and amazing places I know.  What can I say?  I say Serendipity! 


Big Hair Envy said...

WADE!!!! How are you? When you and Jimmy go to Paris, would you mind if SSG & I tag along? We'll stay out of your way - unless we've had too much red wine. Bahahaha!

SSG - I hope you are having a FABULOUS time in Paris. Wish I were there... said...

Oh Yeah, Baby!!!
I am so glad she got to go and you sound like just exactly the kind of supportive friend she, (and anyone), could use!

belladella said...

I so have to hang out with you sometime. Do you think SSG will share you with me?

Big Hair Envy said...

Miss Bella - If she shares with you, she will also have to share with me. It's only fair :)

Do you think we are spreading Wade too thin???