Sunday, September 14, 2008

City Girl

A Note from SSG:

I don't have a little sister.  And after meeting BreeMastAH for the first time I was really happy about that.  Because HAD I a little sister, I would have immediately asked her why she wasn't as cool as Digs' little sister BreeMastAH.  Spleen and I met Bree when she was a junior in high school and came to visit Digs in our SDSU dorms.  Over the years I like to think we became her surrogate older sisters.  She'd come with Digs to stay with me in Seattle during her summers off from Notre Dame.  I helped her learn how to drive a stick shift and with her makeup when she got married last spring.  And over the years she has turned into an incredible woman--talented, generous and kind.  And I must admit to second guessing the whole surrogate thing and thought there may be a chance we WERE indeed related.  But then she and her new husband went on their honeymoon to Tuscany.  And instead of driving around leisurely with their heads stuck in carafes of wine, they BIKED through the countryside all day.  It was at that moment that I knew FOR SURE we weren't related but I'm happy to maintain the surrogate sisTAH title.

This month marks my 7th year of living in San Francisco.  Wow!  Came to “try it for a year” in 2001 and have found no (compelling enough) reason to leave the city since.  Thought I’d use this bloggity-blog to reflect on my extend-o adventure.  Thanks for the opportunity, SSG. 

Things I love about the city

-It’s teeming with people who are active and smart and motivated and witty and fun and open minded and usually nice. 

-Don’t know how to say it w/out sounding cheesy, but it is so pretty.  I think it’s the hills . . . and the water . . . and the homes . . . and the light . . . and both bridges.  Marin in the distance doesn’t hurt.

-I met a nice boy here. 

-Seems to stay about 65 degrees 90% of the time 

-Fleet Week 

-Running routes – choppy 6am water, view rewards when you get to the top, terrace gardens 

-Stereotypes breaking 

-There is something going on every night of the week  

Maybe it is time to leave

Department of Parking and Traffic – I think I get the #1 Donor award 

-$6 daily Golden Gate Bridge toll  

-$12 glass o’ wine 

-$100/square foot 

-The 30 (MUNI bus line), which deserves a list of it’s own . . . step DOWN 

-It’s not has you car been towed or broken into but when? 

-There is something going on every night of the week 

Classic San Francisco memories

-Giving food to a homeless person who requested vegetarian.  I guess beggars can be choosers I this city  . . 

-Hearing someone’s Miranda rights being read outside my bedroom window the first week I lived here . . . I wish he had exercised those rights to remain silent. 

-Overhearing a 3-year old request soy milk instead of regular at a café 

-Walking through marching protests just to get to my car many weekends when living near the Civic Center . . . and always with the seemingly unrelated though stalwart naked protesters 

Read the first list again, and come visit, SSG! 


Lys said...

Great list! Wait - $12 glass of wine? ACK!

Big Hair Envy said...

I agree with lys. I only pay $12 for a BOTTLE of wine. I definitely couldn't live in the city!!!

However, I would LOVE to come out for a visit....It looks like a beautiful place to be.

belladella said...

Great list. San Fran is definitely on my list of places I'd like to visit.