Friday, September 19, 2008


See that gorgeous white church on top of that HUGE hill?  That's Sacre Cour, up in Monmartre and that's where SSG stayed ... well not at the CHURCH, but at an apartment in its 'hood.  And the view of Paris from up there?  Almost as heartbreakingly gorgeous as the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  But she didn't know any of that yet.  She was just hoping the view of the person who opened the apartment door she knocked on was someone she knew ... or someone she'd LIKE to know.

"Bonjour!"  Bob called out as he swung open the door.
"BONJOUR!"  SSG yelled in relief and excitement waking up everyone in the apartment building.

After many hugs and tears and "I can't believe we're here's!" we all decided that breakfast was in order.  The Bobs had arrived a couple of days prior and had already scouted out a favorite boulengerie for croissants and baguettes.  And despite being on the road for almost 18 hours by that point, CROISSANTS from PARIS were calling my name.  So we walked up this cute street.

And found this little place ...

And we MIGHT have cleaned them out of croissants.  But I'm SURE they had some in the back.

And then we walked back down this street and it hit SSG that she was WALKING.  In PARIS.  Holding bags of CROISSANTS.  And she might have stopped for a second and said "holy SHIT, Bob!"   But I don't think this guy walking toward us heard that (and for the record, NOT French boyfriend material).

We all sat around the dining room table in our apartment, sipping coffee and noshing on pain au chocolat (croissants with CHOCOLATE inside) and au buerre (I think?  Butter croissants ... any French peeps in the hizouse?) with goofy grins on our faces.  

I had NO idea what kind of shape I'd be in by the time I arrived in Paris.  Anyone who knows me personally knows NAPS for SSG are mandatory.  But I think I was so excited to be in this city I've dreamed of forever that I just wanted to get OUT and throw my arms around it.  A quick shower and a change of clothes and we were off!

(And fun side note:  Coquelicot turned out to be one of Clotilde from Chocolate & Zucchini's favorite bakeries in the neighborhood, which is further evidence we were destined to be BFF's.)

Snapshot of Coco:

The Man Who Can't Be Moved (The Script) **Quick side note:  I discovered this band while I was in Paris.  They're from Ireland and are on top of the UK charts right now.  PLEASE part with $1 (or more!) and BUY this song from I Tunes.  This whole CD I've been playing LOUD in my car.  Couple other favorites from the disc--Breakeven & Anybody There which I mentioned yesterday.

She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)
The Mountains Win Again (Blues Traveller)
Heartbreak Town (Dixie Chicks)
Everything I Own (Bread)


belladella said...

And the trip continues...I can't believe the 'hood you were staying in. I am a little sick about it- homesick for Europe! Seriously, I miss it so much it brings tears to my eyes. One day- when we meet I will torture you with my Germany albums. Hubby survived it, you can to :)

Ah, croissants. No one has in this country has really had real pastries unless they have traveled abroad. In Germany (sorry) we had a pastry truck that came every Friday morning, like an icecream truck. I would save my change all week and run like a woman possessed when I heard the truck ringing its little bells and playing its cute music. (Hmmm- side business???)

But back to you and Paris. I would not have been able to sleep either. You can sleep now that you are back. No sleeping in Paris- unless it is with a French boyfriend!

Lys said...

Looking at that picture made my breath catch. I'm so jealous!!!!

Oh - and last night, know that I logged in late because I couldn't wait to read about the French boyfriends... I'm an impatient wench, what can a gal say.

Will check out that band tomorrow :)

Big Hair Envy said...

Chocolate filled croissants?? NOW you're talking :) Was the baker French Boyfriend material???

You listen to "Bread"? I knew I loved you!