Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

A note from SSG:

I could very easily write an entire blog about my sister.  Her thoughtfulness, patience, sense of humor, mad cooking skillz and ability to braid her hair overnight in the 80's so she could wake up, undo the braids and look like she had a perm.  You know, stuff like that.  This is her list of 10 things that make her happy.  If I were to make the same list, I can guarantee you, my Winner would be on it.  

Who:  SSG's sister
Where:  Bay Area, Northern California
What:  Stay at home mommy of two kidlets, personal chef, butt wiper, diaper changer, laundry doer, furniture duster, toy picker-upper and much, oh much more!

1)  Baby Wipes
Seriously!  I keep a package of these bad boys nearby at ALL times.  They are great for cleaning hardwood floors, dusting, wiping crusty noses, PB&J faces and of course poopy little booty's!

2)  Iced Americanos
I don't care if they're from a major chain (won't mention any names ... green circle ... too obvious?) or a drive thru espresso shack on the Oregon Coast, just give me one of those in the largest size ya got with extra ice, two Splenda and some half & half and I'm ... you guessed it, HAPPY!

3)  Facebook
If you haven't set up a profile yet, think about doing so!  I was against it at first (afraid it was too MySpaceish) and then my hubby set one up for me and I started seeing all the "friends" pouring in and I was hooked.  Who knows, it may soon get the MySpace reputation, but for now a daily visit to Facebook puts a smile on my face.

4)  Comfy Jeans
'Nuf said!  Just make sure they're low rise.

5)  Cupcakes
Can I just say that I wish there were a trendy little cupcake bakery on every corner just like that major chain (green circle) of coffee shops?  So far my fave is Trophy Cupcakes & Party in Seattle (check them out here).  I know SSG has beat me to the Trophy punch, but I'm sure they would love all the props they can get.

6)  The FREE Magazine at My Local Grocery Store
As long as they keep publishing this thing, I won't ever have to buy another cookbook in my life.  It rocks!  Please note, I try and keep SSG stocked with these so hopefully she can pass along some of the amazing recipes on her food blog, Serendipitous Kitchen.

7)  Wilson Creek Almond Champagne
This stuff is liquid gold.  We discovered it when we lived in San Diego and served it at our wedding.  I am slowly acquainting our Northern California friends with it, but you can find it at BevMo (check them out here) for $12.99.  Time to get those champagne flutes out!

8)  Clear Improvement Mask from Origins
I'll come right out and say it.  I don't care for facials.  They leave my face greasy, my hair greasy and I just odn't care for that (call me crazy).  Instead, all I need to do is smooth on this stuff, let it dry, rinse off and I feel 10 (sometimes 20) years younger.  I'll save the money I'd spend on facials for some more baby wipes, 20 Americanos or a dozen vanilla cupcakes.  $21 at origins.com.

9) Dachshunds
Small, short haired, cuddly--LOVE them!  Here is a picture of mine, Rascal.

10)  Ross
Ok, this one I'm embarrassed about.  It has a very low class reputation and none of my friends "like" to shop there, but for ME?  I tolerate it because it's so dirt cheap that it can almost be considered a "disposable" store--seriously, everything is so cheap you can use/wear it once and be done and NOT feel the least bit guilty.  I have purchased everything there from children's books, crib bedding, kitchen accessories, home decor, CUTE note cards, the list goes on and on.  The key is that you have time and patience.  I agree, 99% of the shit in there is cheap, ugly and I wouldn't take it for FREE, but I find some diamonds in the rough there and since we are a one income family living in the pricey Bay Area, this is welcomed (mostly by my husband)!  The most embarrassing thing is that I always get compliments on shit and they ask me where I got it.  All is say is Ross, Ross, Ross.  Lame employees aside, just go and check it out.  If you want to spend $60 on a tank top, go ahead.  But if I can get one for $5.99 and get compliments on it.  THAT makes me happy.  Happy Shopping!  And try and go bright and early right after they open and before the place gets trashed.


Wah-Dah-Tay said...

I am getting the mask today!!! Does it work for more then just the face? I do have my hand modeling career ya know!

belladella said...

Love this post. Great stuff. I am a HUGE Ross fan. Love it there. Love the thrill of the hunt, bc you do have to search high and low. Just the other week I got a dress in there for .49! Yes, .49!

Lys said...

Ross? Hmmmm - will have to give that a second glance and that mask idea.

Great post!