Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ile St Louis

Right behind the de la Cite, sits another teensy tiny island called the Ile St. Louis.  From everything I read, I had determined that THIS was my 'hood.  I had read of its narrow streets, its pricey real estate and charming shops and I was SMITTEN.

Its location right smack dab in the middle of the Seine didn't hurt.  I don't know why I was surprised.  I am always drawn to water and the Seine CAPTIVATED me.  I could have strolled along its banks for days, stopping to peek at painters works or to have a little riverside picnic. 

Instead of a picnic, we stopped into this cute cafe for lunch.  And it was here that we met French Boyfriend #3.  With a PHOTO no less!

I had been casually taking pictures of my good friends, the wine glasses on the table, the DECOR when oops, he came around the corner at the same moment my camera flashed.  "Sorry!"  I smiled innocently.  To which Mrs. Bob slyly responded "MY ASS that was an accident."

Can you blame me?

Wandering around this little island was amazing.  

The Paris of my Paris dreams.  

At least it was for that moment.  Little did I know another neighborhood would capture my heart very, very soon.

Snapshot of Coco:

Them There Eyes (Billie Holiday)
She'll Come Back to Me (Cake)
If I Needed You (EmmyLou Harris & Don Williams)
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin) 
Cracklin' Rosie (Neil Diamond ... oh YES I did)


Anonymous said...

And Coco has quite a mix! Looks like she has taste! How in the world did you ever keep your paws off those boys? SSG on the prowl in Paris! The wine, the cheese, the music - I smell the makings of a dirty movie!

Anonymous said...

Heck with French BF #3 - as fine as he may be - I'm in love with COCO!!! Anyone who can combine Emmy Lou, Cracklin' Rosie & Led Zeppelin is tops in my book :)

Bella Della said...

Coco rocks- no pun intended! :) I love this neighborhood. I can't believe it will get even better.

Lys said...

The boy - whoa baby! Now HE was fine.

I have to admit, I've never been super intrigued to go to Paris, I'm more of an Italy gal. HOWEVER, after hearing your commentary and seeing these pics, I'm putting it on my "must see" list this year.