Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekday Updates

Boyfriend Watch 2009

BW09 is going WELL!  SSG has learned there are dudes EVERYWHERE--on the train, in the rain, at the store, at her door.  Passing by, saying hi.  It's a veritable Dr. Seuss of potential dates.  Especially during March Madness (thank you college basketball).  SSG is hoping there are just as many boys that enjoy baseball because um ... then SSG will know what she's talking about.

Except!  Apparently SSG is IN IT in her bracket at work.  If two particular college teams win then SSG wins some cash.  SSG couldn't tell you WHAT teams, but it's on a sticky note on her desk somewhere after she had asked Work BFF "what two teams am I rooting for again?" a few too many times.

"Ladieth" Reunion

SSG will be flying down to San Francisco in a few weeks to spend some quality time with her college roommates, Digs and Spleen, and CAN NOT wait.   In fact, let's count how many days stand between her, sore stomach muscles from laughing and about seventeen bottles of wine.

The Countdown is Currently At:  

Quiet Guy

Speaking of Spleen (hi Spleendawg!), she e-mailed me the other day and said "Wait.  Do you LIKE Quiet Guy?  I didn't think you did, but now I can't tell."

In case you readers are having the same question.  

I do NOT like Quiet Guy.  

I mean I guess I like him okay as a coworker (he gets his shit done), but I don't LIKE HIM LIKE HIM.  We moved into a new office and I find myself sitting next to him (separated by a 6 foot tall cube wall).  And he is ... um.  Still quiet.  I used to think he was just nice and shy but the more I interact with him and see how he handles himself, I realize he's kind of mean.

Not to mention I'm in kind of an awkward spot because a friend of mine really likes him and he pretty much leads her on.  I hear what she tells me (they hang out a couple of times a week) and then I hear what he has to say about it (not nice AT ALL).  Of course I can't say anything to her about it and it's starting to effect me wanting to hang out with her since I hear her going on and on about him.  Gah!  So QG is definitely annoying SSG these days.

But!  On the upside!  Because of how our cubes are arranged, there are no more drive by staring sessions.  So hopefully this will be the last you hear about this boy!

Spring Cleaning Marathon

And because I know you LOVE hearing about what I've been cleaning.  You do!  I KNOW you do!

SSG is definitely starting to hit a WALL.  Last weekend it was all about cleaning her car and getting paperwork in order.  My GOAL is to have the kitchen (cabinets cleaned and rearranged) and dining room carpets cleaned before I go down to California and if I can squeak out a little garage organization I'll buy myself something pretty.  (But even if I don't, I'll still probably buy myself something pretty.)

SSG is also secretly hoping that her second wind will hit and she'll be able to work some magic in her office.  The kitchen is the bane of her existence, but her office is ... whatever comes after bane.

And Fisher ...
U haz cookeez 4 meez?

That face.  Those ears.  Her sweet little puppy paws that tangle up in a mess of back legs, front legs, tail and nose when she sleeps. 

She has been MORE than patient.  I knew she had it when she slept downstairs on the couch last week and wouldn't come when I called her.  (Might have broken SSG's heart in a million little pieces.)

She finally got her doggy spoiling weekend.  She had a bath and manicure.  She got to play with her neighbor friend, Wrigley the sheltie.  We went on walk after walk.  And she ran all of my errands with me, patiently waiting in the front seat of the car watching the world go by.  Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard her nose nuzzle into the covers.  And then burrow in again in a different area.  And then again in another.  Until she finally managed to move her body enough (without getting up) to rest her head on my leg and let out a little sigh.

And life is exactly where it should be.


Living on the Spit said...

What a great update to clear up some things that I sit and ponder about during the course of my day.

Tell QG, I am not rooting for him ANYMORE. Mean guys suck.

Fishers....me wuv ur cutie wootie, wittle, facey wacey....I buyz u allz da kookiez that u wants. Snuggily, wuggily, woo wooz.

Molly said...

Oh! The sigh. It's what keeps me going!

The Incredible Woody said...

I love Fisher. Can she come and play with Dixie? I think they would get on famously!

Predo said...

Oh Fish! She does know just how to pull on her Mommies heart strings!

I am so excited about your little trip to The City! Please don't get out of hand again, I don't think I can fly down there to post bail again!

QC? What the heck? I think she should get him excited (hard) and superglue his manhood to his belly! That ought to teach him a thing or two!

Sorry I got all manly there for a second, but when I get all butch, it just jumps on out there and can not be controlled! Ooops!

belladella said...

I needed me a little Fish-time today! :) And doggie sighs- oh the best. And I am so counting down the days til your trip! Because I so live vicariously.

Lys said...

Whoo hooo - SSG Travels :) YAY! That means pics, trip recaps and all the fun stuff we love so we can live vicariously.

Fisher is an angel. I've got the devil dog at the moment as the pug is taking over the bed and is annoyed at the cat.

mom x 2 said...

Whew! I'm so glad Fisher finally got her doggy spoinling weekend... lotz of cookeezz too?

Sunshine goes to "camp" next week while we are gone. I'm not sure how she's gonna take it :0

Suzanne said...

All I can say is "why are you so adorable?" I know I sound like a biddy, but Why?

caitlin said...

i love when charlie does his little bedtime dance-- guess all adorable pooches do the same thing. does your fisher snore? charlie snores... loud. hi again from la 408!