Sunday, March 1, 2009

Boyfriend Watch 2009

This afternoon I'll be heading out to Round Two of "Boyfriend Watch 2009."  Wish us luck!  Any suggestions on WHAT I SHOULD WEAR?

GAH!  Yesterday I was doing my "seasonal" closet cleaning (though some could argue I skipped the last few seasons) and I'm not sure if I CAN'T STAND all of my clothes or if I see POTENTIAL in everything with just the right accessories.  Coincidentally not completely unlike the boyfriend search.

Anyhoo!  A preview on what's to come this week on SSG:

I'm going to write about my thoughts on being a single girl ALL WEEK peeps!  It's not something I talk too much about unless it's a joking reference to one of my fireman boyfriends ... or actor boyfriends ... or baseball playing boyfriends.  I started compiling a blog post and realized SSG has A LOT to say on the topic.  Who knew?

You may begin cheering (or cringing) now!  And don't worry, SSG is doing both ; )  

Hope you're having fabulous weekends!



Molly said...

Can't wait to see the single girl thoughts...hope today was productive!

We had a snow storm that was all but gone by 10 pm, the rain that came after the storm all but washed it away. said...

Oh, I can't wait! I just recently cleaned out my closet too and I DESPERATELY need to post something, so the, ahem, "story" and accompanying pics may be thrown up there with my next post. I will give you a mention and credit for getting me thinking again. (I take as much time off from that as I can.)
Looking forward to the Thoughts of a Single Girl.