Thursday, March 26, 2009

Riding in Elevators with Boys

One of the reasons I love my work BFF is that he's totally comfortable answering my random stream of consciousness questions as if we're having the most normal conversation on the planet.

SSG:  I found out Starey Guy speaks Russian.
BFF:  Really?
SSG:  Yeah.  Do you think he wears those outfits from Dancing with the Stars on the weekends?
BFF:  No.
SSG:  Do you think he has a collection of nesting dolls at home?
BFF:  No.
SSG:  What should we call that guy who just got hired and walks about as loud as a stampede of elephants?
BFF:  Babar?
SSG:  Works for me.

Sometimes we don't need to talk to each other at all.  And those moments usually find us acting as if we're 12 years old.

Yesterday a group of us were standing at the elevator bank waiting to go downstairs for our afternoon sugar/caffeine run.  Two different elevator doors opened at the same time and as people hesitated for a second to see which elevator we were going to go in, Work BFF and I took one look at each other, bombed for separate elevators and frantically started pressing the close button to see who could get down to the lobby first.

We were both yelling "GET IN, GET IN, GET IN!!!" at our poor confused coworkers who finally caught onto what we were doing and jumped in just as the doors were closing.  We all hunched down in Elevator SSG hoping that would somehow help us get downstairs quicker.  At the last possible second, I stood with my nose almost touching the door.

I heard the telltale ding that we had reached the lobby and pressed the open door key over and over again, watching with one eye as the elevator doors opened onto Elevator BFF.  And just when I thought we might have won, I saw one eye looking at me from the elevator across the way.  We both slammed out of our respective elevators and yelled at the exact same time "I SO WON!"

Our coworkers were cracking up as we all walked to get coffee and work BFF and I fell into step next to each other as if the whole thing had never happened.

SSG:  If you were going to paint your house what color would you paint it?
BFF:  Dude, you're NEVER going to paint your house.
SSG:  Shut up.
BFF:  You shut up.


Living on the Spit said... work BFF ALMOST as much as I love you...I love analyzing the relationships people have at work.

belladella said...

How in the world do you know that Starey Guy speaks Russian? And can I borrow work BFF for a few days? I promise to have really good random conversations with him and buy him coffee.

Molly said...

my work bff sits in the corner office next door and plays music for which he purchased a subwoofer to connect to his computer. it's a total barometer to his mood. yesterday? music surges coming from the corner. forecast? stormfront, lay low.

other days we go to the army-navy and buy people flak jackets to lighten them up when there's a lot of pressure, or go to the barbecue place next to the federal prison and see all the bankers, politicians and detectives.

work bffs make work workable.

mom x 2 said...

I want a work BFF :( and I'm with Bella, how in the world did you figure out Starey Guy speaks Russian?

Oh and I would so paint my house yellow!

ab said...

Before I started working remotely and he quit the company, I had a work BFF, also male. When two people have an equally demented sense of humor it is quite the magical thing! Luckily, we still have IM, although it's just not the same.

Predo said...

My work BFF left me to go to work at your desk! I am so totally jealous!

So, having said that, love the pix of the buttons! Perfect!

Next time it is all quiet with you two just blurt out "Do you like to get spanked?". Just to see what he says.

The Incredible Woody said...

I wish I had a work BFF. But it's kinda hard when I'm the only one here. On the other hand.....

hkw said...

when are you going to write a screenplay? The dialog is priceless...not to mention the characters ; ) said...

That's it. Send me pictures of your interior and furniture and things and I am going to tell you what colors you want your place painted. Easy Peasy. ;-)

Suz Broughton said...

I love your Work BFF. I had one of those too. Makes work bearable, don't it?