Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bouncing Back

SSG has very little patience ... perhaps you've noticed?

Right before I started this site last year, I had gone on one big bad dating extravaganza.  MAN how I wish I had been blogging at that time.  Good LAWD some people are ODD.  Like the guy who seemed normal--nice looking, good job, kind and yet somehow felt that having a collection of 1,600 Tiggers (as in Winnie the Pooh Tiggers) was appropriate.


WHAT is a girl supposed to even DO WITH THAT?!

I got frustrated.  I started to wonder if there were anymore good guys out there.  If "compromising" on what I wanted meant I'd have to build an addition onto my house for a collection of stuffed animals and glass figurines.  

I'm a girl and I don't even have those things.

I couldn't even fathom the answer to that question, so I stopped looking.  Subtle changes--hair up in more ponytails, more evenings having friends over instead of going out, less eye contact with men I came across in my daily life.  I figured if it happened, it would "just happen."  

What ended up happening was that I closed myself off.  Not only from the potential of meeting a great guy, but from a part of myself and what I wanted.  What I still want ... and need in my life.  A little romance, some butterflies, a few dates, a good make out session under a downtown street lamp just as it begins to rain ...

Is it getting warm in here?

Recently however, there has been a shift.  I began styling my hair, getting out around town a little more and actually looking up at what (and who!) is around me.  And guess what?  There are a ton of guys around!  Who knew?  

The daily smiles and casual exchanges have made SSG's days a lot more fun.  She has even begun to walk with a flirtatious little ... dare I say BOUNCE in her step.  

Just whatever you do, don't tell Tigger.


Fabulously Broke said...

But Tiggers are so ..tiggerlicious :)

I do agree, that's overboard. BF has a baby pillow but I own a teddy bear, so .. :P

The Incredible Woody said...

At least it wasn't a collection of Care Bears or Cabbage Patch Kids!

ab said...

A good friend of mine also went on a dating spree a while back and ran into so many "interesting" guys. Instead of calling them by their real names, she named them based on their characteristics. So we had "Huey Lewis" who was obsessed with Huey Lewis and Back to the Future. Then there was "I'll Just Have Water", the guy who took her to a bar and ordered water while she drank martinis. And, my personal favorite was "Jazz Hands". He was WAY into show choir.

ab said...

Oh oh and I almost forgot my favorite! There was "Bunny Broach". He wore a broach. Of a bunny. On purpose.

belladella said...

I prefer eeyore- that's about my speed today- and everyday!

I can't wait to hear more dating stories. I think it's time to start volunteering at your local fire department. There is a sign outside ours down the road asking for volunteers and I think about you each day when I drive by.

Predo said...

Tigger? Sounds like he has a stuffed animal fetish!

This Sunday, at the play, I am sure there will be an intermission. You stand outside the little boys room and I will tackle you prey for you right then and there! We can drag him to the car and you can lock him in your his undies!

No worries, it will be fun.

Living on the Spit said...

shhhh. hard working man collects disney movies and sleeps with three stuffed animals at night...I know...weird, but it is so cute and comforting to me now and it really doesn't matter if I suck my thumb when I get stressed out.

I will take interesting over abusive asshole any day of the week.

Rhiannon said...

I swear to you, I was behind that guy in Salem the other day. A Tigger trailer hitch, REALLY?!?

(I tried to take an iPhone photo, but that damn thing does not zoom)