Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick's Day Recap

My plans for St. Patrick's Day are always ambitious.  

1)  Wear green.
2)  Make corned beef & cabbage.
3)  Drink Guinness.
4)  Listen to Irish music (like The Frames, not some curly haired chick playing the flute on a beach somewhere with doves flying in the background.  Just so we're clear.)
5)  Buy one of the little four leaf clovers in pots that cost about $20 and probably last for about 10 minutes. But. That. Are. SO. CUTE.

I am happy to say I accomplished ONE of those things yesterday.  But for a rip roaring good post read about the time "The Ladieth" and I went to Ireland here.

And spill it!  Who got pinched yesterday? 



Living on the Spit said...

Glad you had a good one and the Guiness!

Bella and I are really missing Fisher and we decided we needed to request a post by Fisher...yes, this was discussed during the work day through a series of the funniest emails ever...

belladella said...

No pinching. I was ready to pinch the life out of some coworkers yesterday though.

And yes, we are putting in a request for Fish. Mention something about cookeez.

The Incredible Woody said...

No pinching here! I listened to some Flogging Molly and that was about the extent of my celebration. But oh, I had such plans - maybe next year.

And I have never found a 4-leaf clover in my whole life!

Predo said...

No pinches here, but that beer looks really good!

Did you get to pinch the new guy?

ab said...

I pinched my hubby numerous times, to which he said, "But I'm wearing green!" to which I replied, "That has nothing to do with anything."