Monday, March 16, 2009

Hot or Not

Last week at work was draining.  We had a few of the big bosses in town and I think everyone was a bit on edge.  Everything went fine, but a lot of changes are in the works.  I think they're all good ones ... at least I hope they're all good ones.  They APPEAR to be.

The smallest of changes in this environment is scary though.  My first thought is one of panic like ohmahgahI'mgoingtogetfirednotbeabletopaymymortgageandamgoingtodie!!  That lasts about 5 minutes and then the rational part of my brain kicks in.  But it is TIRING.  Thursday night I got home from work, took Fisher for a walk and then came in the house, walked right past the TV, the kitchen, the shower went upstairs and dove straight into bed and fell asleep for an hour with my clothes still on.

I felt better on Friday, especially with the sun out.  The coffee posse and I headed out to get our respective fixes early in the day.  We all walked a little slower, soaking in the hint of spring time rays and were quiet ... contemplative.  

Work BFF finally broke the silence.

Work BFF:  I propose two topics for this morning's coffee run.
Coffee Posse:  (In unison) Okay.
Work BFF:  A)  How everyone is feeling about the upcoming changes.
Coffee Posse:  Uh huh.
Work BFF:  B)  Hot or Not.  Someone throws a name out there and you say if you think they're hot or not.
Coffee Possee:  (Silence.)

(A few seconds pass.)

SSG:  Brad Pitt. 
Coffee Posse:  (In unison with no delay whatsoever.)  HOT.
SSG:  Whoa, guys really?  I had no idea Angelina had so much competition. 


Living on the Spit said...

but...wwwwhhhatttt...about.the.changes? Nosy people need to know.

But I am totally crushing on...Coach from Friday Night Lights...yum-o

Molly said...

Ch-ch-changes (you know that song?)....there's a topic I've learned quite a bit about at work. I've been fortunate to be on the right side of them, but they are still draining and until you know for sure...anyway, I'll be sending good, supportive thoughts your way.

The Incredible Woody said...

I'm with Marlene - nosy people NEED to know!!

My current hotty - Butch on Saving Grace - have mercy!!

belladella said...

Yep, spill it ;) Does it involve quiet guy speaking or starey guy coughing up a phone number?

Word Verification: nosse

See- I really am nosy too!

big hair envy said...

Changes? What about the changes?

I'm still a Kiefer Girl...Me-Ow! said...

Well! Tell all your office coffee posse that that exchange was very telling! Heh, make 'em squirm!