Monday, March 24, 2008

Notes on a Seattle Weekend

1) Every other major city must have been a ghost town this weekend, the entire country's population was in Seattle.

2) Wallingford, I miss living with you.

3) Trophy Cupcakes, will you marry me?

4) Ballard, when did you get so trendy?

5) Green Lake, thank you for your swing sets.

6) Ballard locks, thanks for providing a place where a certain 3 year old can wave "bye boats!" over and over again.

7) Thank you to Salty's on Alki for not locking its doors, turning off its lights and shutting down the kitchen on Easter Sunday, which is exactly what I would have done before hiding under a table with a bottle of champagne.

8) Maltby Cafe, you're a classic. No other breakfast place can touch you.

9) Seattle Magazine, thanks for telling me about two Portland restaurants I've never heard of.

10) Bobs, thanks for letting me crash in your princess playroom. I had sweeter dreams than normal and noticed I was humming a song from "Enchanted" when I was picking up my place this morning ...