Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diary of a Scattered Mind

Dear Diary,

Um, hi.

I'm feeling a little scattered. We're currently coming up on the quarter end crunch at the office, I leave on Friday for a few days in Seattle and my mind is filled with all kinds of things to write about, but none of them can grab hold for long enough to make an actual post.

Here are my random thoughts, in no particular order:

1) Way to annoy me: Be a pretentious coffee drinker and order your latte to 180 degrees. (I hate to be the one to tell you this lady, I think I saw the barista take it up to only 176 degrees just to fuck with you).

2) Winner for the most random e-mail received today: Award goes to my dad who apparently has been keeping it all bottled up that he is worried about me. Why? You ask. Because this weekend, I'll be driving the treacherous stretch of road (read: Interstate 5) alone between his place (where my sister, brother in law, niece & nephew will be staying) and my friends' place (where I'll be staying). At NIGHT no less! Nevermind the fact that it will take about 10 minutes, he is really concerned.

3) Most surprising e-mail I sent today: Hi Dad, This is your daughter. Who is 33. Who has lived on her own between three major cities over the last 15 years. Who has been driving for 17 years. Who flies in airplanes multiple times throughout the year. Who frequently drives not only at night, but also in the morning when it's still dark out. Who will see you Friday. Who will be the adult and not the 3 year old, that's your granddaughter Elle (my niece). Love you! Me.

4) Thing I'm Most Worried About: Will the coworker who is housesitting for me this weekend report back to everyone at the office about the crumbs in my silverware drawer? What about the way my dog seems to think putting the cat's entire head in her mouth is perfectly fine?

5) Suprisingly Yummy Thing I Tried Today: The Gingersnap Lara Bar. I love how virtuous I feel when I eat something where I can pronounce everything on its label.

6) Today's Wish: Can I please have Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars' body? Thanks.

7) Number of Days Until Padres Home Opener: 9!

8) Wine I'll be Drinking Tonight: Ravenswood Cabernet

9) Number of glasses I'll be drinking: One ... two ... and a half.

10) Status of Reconnaissance Mission to determine sexual preference of coworker by bringing your gay boyfriend in to "see the office" when he picks you up for lunch: Aborted, coworker must have sensed the gaydar and was away from his desk for too long to have Wade stay without needing to start collecting a paycheck.

Tomorrow's agenda--Figure out a way to camoflauge a 6' tall, gay man so he blends in with cubicle walls and can finally put this mission to bed. So to speak.