Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Ten Favorite Things About Today

1) The cherry blossoms are about ready to burst open on the line of trees that lead up to my house.

2) My digital camera came in the mail today, which means actual photos of all the shit I've been talking about over the last couple of months (once I can figure out how it works, of course).

3) My friend saying she went to a yoga class this week. When I asked her how it was, expecting to hear how much she loved it, she looked at me point blank and said "I hated it. The whole class I just kept thinking to myself 'I hate this." I loved how honest and pure it was.

4) A great guy we work with, and haven't yet determined his sexual preference, said while discussing sweets at the office "I like the dark chocolate."

5) Hearing "The Humpty Dance" on the radio (You're singing it in your head right now, aren't you? I know me too!).

6) Finding out one of our sales guys that calls me repeatedly each day and that I CAN'T stand (despite being the angelic, lovely and kind person that I am), is going to be out on vacation for an ENTIRE week! Woo hoo!

7) Eavsdropping on the two guys conversation in line behind me at Starbuck's and digging the fact that it was about something they were both really into. Granted, I didn't understand half of what they were saying--it must have had to do with computers, but regardless, it was cute.

8) That the peeps at work have adopted my high school nick name whenever they refer to me.

9) The hours of daylight that now come AFTER work and not DURING work. Thank you daylight savings!

10) The daffodils I spied on the side of the road while on my way home. Spring is that really you?

How about you? What was your favorite thing about today?