Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perhaps You've Heard I've Been Sick?

So I know I haven't talked about it MUCH, but I've been feeling under the weather for the past few days. 

I KNOW.  You NEVER would have suspected, huh?  SSG is good at holding back.

So I stayed home yesterday, with the exception of running out for a few hours to take my final.  And as I explained to Predo on my way home, "I was pulling stuff out of my ASS."  Let's just hope it was the right stuff.

So today I go back to work.  And I'm actually looking forward to HUMAN contact.  Because as much as I love my little furry guys at home, they're not big talkers.  And as much as I used to love my television (TV, we're SO over.  I need some space.) it doesn't LISTEN to me ... well neither do the work peeps, but at least they pretend to.

But after a day off, I will admit to being a little worried about what I'm walking into.  I mean SURE, there will be voice mails and e-mails and playing catch up.  But I'm more worried about what my coworkers left me with.

Like the time they labeled everything in my cube when I stayed home because it was SNOWING out.  You can read more about that by clicking here.

Or the time we moved my boss out of his office when he was on vacation, which you can read more about here.

But I'm most worried about what we did when one of our coworkers was on vacation last year around this time.

Because taco shell grease?  Is HARD to get out of cube walls.  

(P.S.  THANK YOU to everyone for your sweet get well comments and putting up with my ick!) 


Suz Broughton said...

Did they EXPECT you to go to work when it was snowing? That's nuts!
I'm glad you are feeling better *)

Molly said...

Ok Wait. These guys have enough imagination to string taco shells as a garland? After putting glitter letters on the tacos? My opinion of them is improving. The guys in my office-well, not this creative!

Bella Della said...

Sick, really? I hadn't heard :) Glad you are somewhat well enough to head back into the world today. Hopefully your cube hasn't been turned upside down or inside out or anything. Maybe quite guy will talk to you :)

Bella Della said...

Quiet guy I mean!

Predo said...

HAPPY BACK TO WORK DAY!!!! Just remember, if they push you too far, you are armed and dangerous! Just go cough on their phone and keyboard! Then when they are out sick, you can return the cube decor treatment! Unless of course they decorate with feather boas, I love boas. Speaking of boas, did you know I look really good in a boa? Pink is my favorite. Wait, weren't we talking about something else? Oh, yeah! When they ask if you know what you have, tell them it is Mono - and that you got it from "quiet guy"! (well that is funny, unless it is true!)

Let's go back to feather boas now!

Big Hair Envy said...

Please, Please, Please let SSG's cube be decorated!!!

Please, Please, Please let there be pictures:)

Lys said...

OK - you need to post pictures... and yes, it's good to get human interaction every once and a while - perhaps even Quiet Guy will talk.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better very soon!

Anonymous said...

This group of coworkers sound like loads of fun! I am titillated just thinking about what is in store for you! All good stuff, of course, cause who would do something fiendish to a sick person? Right? RIGHT?
Please take a camera for evidence, er, make that pictures...