Sunday, December 7, 2008

Broadcasting Live from the Couch

Hey All!

Quick shout out to my brother in law and my friend Alia--they share the same birthday.

Happy Birthday guys!

It will be a little while before I call.  Because um ... I have been stuck in this position since Friday.

Love you!



Predo said...

They love their Momma! Ahhhhhhhhhh.

I bet you are watching bad TV and slipping in and out of coma. I am sorry! I hope you feel better soon!!!

Big Hug, and then a blast of disinfectant!!! Love you Sunshine!!

Lys said...

You soooo are in dire need of a lemon drop. Let's hope you get better soon and that Fisher and Rainy are taking good care of you.

Molly said...

If you gotta be sick, be sick in cold weather with a blanket and snuggly pets!Get better quick - what is Quiet Guy not saying when you're not at work to hear him? Wait. What?

Frita said...

You guys look so cozy! Lots of hugs coming your way Auntie B!! Love the pics of the kiddos yesterday. OMG they are adorbable. I hope they come us... I mean you... again soon!

Feel better!! Wonder is this means the Bob's are next? It's been about 7 days now since we have seen you now...

Suz Broughton said...

I would LOVE to spend the day cuddling with my dog all day.