Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Office

I work with a bunch of guys who are not only smart, but smart asses. Apparently the blizzard like conditions (read: trace amounts of snow) yesterday only impacted two of us. So it MAY have appeared (to the cynic) that I really wanted a three day weekend. It didn't help my case at all that the snow didn't stick in downtown Portland, but instead stayed in my random little neighborhood which always seems to be at just the right elevation.

Always the gents, my co-workers were concerned that I may have forgotten how things work around the office in my few days off.

First, I walked by a label that said "cube" outside my cubicle door. It didn't even occur to me that something may be up as "cubicle art" frequently shows up on our walls--like the time a guy left some unopened boxes of taco shells on his desk for a few weeks after a potluck. The taco shells magically turned into a Christmas garland strung over the entrance to his cube with "Feliz Navidad" appropriately penned in glitter. Or the "Items of Concern" list that hangs outside the ring leader's cube. I believe we're up to #58. Some of the items on the list? Why people say "RBI's" instead of "RBI" (baseball fans, that's for you), why the slogan of Botox is "Express Yourself" (how can you when your face is frozen?) and one that's come up more recently "coughing" as the entire office has been sick.

So you can see why a little label saying "cube" might escape my vision. I threw my coat, bag and scarf on my desk and pulled out my chair which had another label on it "for sitting use only." I started looking around--my plant had "leaf" on one of its leaves, calculator had yep you guessed it "calculator" spelled out across the display. "Deal" on a file I was working on. "Painting" on the god awful painting that hangs on the wall above my desk. I kept finding the labels all day. "Hanger" and "Thing that the hanger hangs from" (yes, all spelled out) on its hook. Obviously tons of work got done yesterday. Jerks.

But my favorite? A label right smack dab in the middle of my desk. A label that said: "Put Pink slip Here."

Who says chivalry is dead?