Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stripper Suit Up

Ya'll know how much SSG loves the show How I Met Your Mother ... especially Doogie, er Barney.  

Friday SSG heads down to California for a reunion with Digs & Spleen, her college roommates (and friends!).   Digs sent out an itinerary last week saying that after the ladies pick me up at the airport, we're going to take a 27 mile hike (or maybe just a 2 mile walk around a reservoir).  

Now SSG has her airport routine DOWN.  From the bag, what gets packed, the outfit, the book, the magazines, the GUM, the iced americano, the bottle of water after the security check point, not before.  You name it, SSG has it.  She's like Airport Barbie.

So this little twist threw SSG for a loop.  

Work out clothes?  At the airport?  Really?

SSG HATES those ladies who cruise through the airport wearing their Juicy track suits and hair piled up on top of their heads with a pair of J. Lo sunglasses.  Work BFF concurs on this and we have taken to calling them Stripper Suits.  Sans the plastic heels.

Always wanting to be the good house guest however, SSG only asked one teensy tiny favor in her response to Digs' itinerary:  "FOR ALL OF THE LOVE THAT IS HOLY, if plans change and the 106 mile trek up the equivalent of Mt. Everest is out, PLEASE let me know so I'm not one of those douches walking through the airport in a track suit."

To which SSG received the following reply:


Well played Digs, well played.  

P.S.  I'll see you sexy bitches on Friday!  And just so there's no confusion, I'll be the stripper out on the curb with the well packed luggage.


belladella said...

You lost me at Airport Barbie! LOL! I am so excited for you and your weekend! Woohooo! But perhaps a nice spa would have been good upon leaving the airport!

The Incredible Woody said...

Just call me Alexis Nightsizzle (yes, that's my stripper name!) cuz I'm all about being comfy on my plane ride!

Molly said...

Wow. I think I wore a track suit to fly to Italy. I don't recall seeing you in the airport though. How did you know?

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

Ladies, as long as they didn't have "Juicy" written on the ass we can still be friends.

The Incredible Woody said...

I don't think I've ever had anything that said Juicy, except some Juicy Fruit gum!

Predo said...

And what sunglasses will you be sporting?

I shall order the photographers now!

big hair envy said...

Airport Barbie? **snort**

HalfAsstic.com said...

I would expect nothing less from you sweet cakes!
Are you sure this "Diggs" person is a FRIEND? Cause, he is asking quite a lot! ;-)
Oh, and I am pretty sure I owned an airport barbie at one time or another and you sound like you are way more organized!

Lys said...

Airport Barbie - *ahem* Excuse me while I go clean up the wine I accidently choked on while reading this. Now every time I go to the airport, I'll be inclined to call the stripper chicks out with their "Nicole Ritchie" sunnies and velor suits with words on the butt.

Ahhh - you never fail to crack a gal up.