Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 25 Things Meme!

Hi!  Remember when the 25 things meme was popular earlier this year?  And like, ohmahgah everyone was doing it?  I got tagged with it approximately 106 times and am FINALLY getting around to doing it.  

SSG kind of runs on her own time schedule ... as anyone who has ever gotten a birthday present mailed from me can attest.  SSG likes to celebrate 1/2 birthdays sometimes!  (DOES TOO count!) 

Anyhoo!  Without further adieu ... even more fun facts about your SSG.

1)  I buy new clothes, but it can sometimes take me a month or two to wear them.  They have to live in my closet for a while so I can get used to them.

2)  PREDO is going to be downtown today!  So I might get to see his sexy ass.  Jealous?  I know.  I would be too.  I'll make sure to give you all a run down of how hot he looks via Twitter this morning.

3)  I have totally forgotten I haven't Twittered in A LONG time until I just typed that last sentence.

4)  The word "Twitter" still makes me giggle.

5)  Starey Guy continues to ... stare.  But I refuse to make the first move.  SSG needs a man and men take risks.  

6)  So I continue to meet his gaze and then look away blushing profusely.

7)  He is probably not checking me out at all but instead looking at me wondering "Why is that girl at work if she constantly has a FEVER?"

8)  Fisher is currently in the hallway chewing on a Q Tip.  

9)  My new "maintenance cleaning" involves me looking behind me before I leave a room and returning it to its status before I entered it.

10)  And SSG has found out that she is NOT good at putting things away!  GAH!

11)  SSG uses a lot of curse words as she returns things to their proper place.

12)  I pulled ONE April Fool's joke yesterday and it was HILARIOUS.

13)  Work BFF is one of the newer people at work and so, much to his annoyance, he gets saddled with some additional tasks due to seniority (or lack thereof).  In our new office his phone number is one of a few that is posted out by the front door as a contact in case someone needs to be let in when our receptionist is out.  Every time we walk by it he mimes ripping the sign down, curses, sighs and eventually walks into the office in defeat.  It's pretty entertaining to watch.  

14)  Yesterday I called Work BFF from my cell phone (which has a San Diego area code still) and when he answered I said "Hi, I'm out front and there's a sign here that says you can let me in?  Can you get your ASS up here because I've been waiting for like, 45 seconds."

15)  He hung up on me.

16)  I laughed for the rest of the day.

17)  Watching Martha Stewart brings up A LOT of questions for SSG.  Namely this one: "HOW MUCH MONEY HAS HER DAUGHTER HAD TO SPEND ON THERAPY?"

18)  But SSG does heart Martha and thinks she's an incredibly talented, successful business woman who can, occasionally, be funny.  But she needs to learn to stop at a punch line on a joke.  Because she has a tendency to explain WHY something is funny.

19)  Having to explain a joke is SO NOT funny.

20)  I have NO IDEA what I'm going to wear today and have to leave for work in a 1/2 hour.

21)  I think I'm technically stalling so I can claim:  "Uh oh, missed the train so OH DARN, need to drive in so I'm not late!"

22)  It is raining.

23)  I hate walking in the rain.

24)  One wonders why SSG lives in Portland.

25)  Was this the worst "25 Things Meme" you've ever read?

I thought so!

Have Happy Thursdays peeps!



Molly said...

We match on the "run on her own time table" particularly as it applies to birthdays and we match on #1, but in my case it expands to electronics.

Lys said...

You get to see Predo today - yup, jealous!

What was the prank - disclose please.

mom x 2 said...

Awesome 25 things :) Sunshine chews on qtips too, and ususally when you call her name while she is doing it, she cocks her head sideways with the qtip sticking out of her mouth as if to say "gotta light?"

The Incredible Woody said...

Martha's daughter has a TV show on Fine Living channel, I think. Basically, she and a friend watch her mother's show and slam everything!

1/2 birthday SOOOO count!

caitlin said...

ok, i have to confess that i adore your blog and have been reading it for the last 2 days-- takes a while to read over a years worth of entries! anyway, i have developed a total girl crush on you (the straight, non-stalkerie/creepy kind, i assure you!). we're so much alike it's kinda scary, but you are much more witty in your blog than i am in mine. come pay me a visit-- then you'll see how alike we are. a bientot! (j'adore paris et parler francais aussi!)

Living on the Spit said...

I have THE same time table!!!

I wanna see Predo...he probably could have made my sucky day a whole lot better.

Starey guy....hmmmmm.

Loved your 25 put a big smile on my face only the way that you can do. said...

Ya know, Jay Leno does that too. The explaining the joke thing. At least he repeats the punch line a couple of times and then starts to explain... Other than that, I really enjoy him.
Did BFF recognize your voice when you got him on the phone or just be annoyed at the rudeness?