Friday, April 24, 2009

Not Talking is the New Black

Remember Starey Guy?

He's still around.  

And ... staring.  

We haven't talked since he came over and introduced himself.  But he still looks.  Like obviously looks.  So much so that last week one of my co-workers was like "dude, that guy is TOTALLY checking you out."  

Usually I see Starey Guy at lunch, but this week Work BFF and I saw him in Starbucks.

BFF:  Dude, your boyfriend just walked in.
SSG:  WHAT?!  Is he looking at me?  Wait, don't tell me.  Dude, DON'T LOOK AT HIM!
BFF:  Dude.  How am I supposed to tell you if he's looking at you?
SSG:  Ohhh!  Check his outfit.  I like the black shirt and gray flat front pants.  V.V. Banana Republic.
BFF:  Are you going to say anything to him?
BFF:  Come on then, let's go back to work.
SSG:  Fine.  But I hope that guy appreciates how much time I spend NOT talking to him.
BFF:  I can guarantee you, he works three times as hard.


Bella Della said...

LOL! I've been wondering what starey guy was up to and work BFF as well. I always appreciate his take on the world. Starey guy would be in trouble with me. There was once a guy in my building that never talked to anyone, just stared. You bet I was the one that was CONSTANTLY carrying on a one-sided convo about the weather and weekend plans. I finally broke him!

Speaking of weekend plans...hope you have some good ones. And have a fantastic weekend. I am out of the office today at a meeting in Charlottesville.


I Am Woody said...

Now, he's following you to Starbucks! I think he liiiikes you and wants to kiiiiiss you!

Lys said...

*LOL* @Woody. SSG - I think you just need to bite the bullet and talk.

ab said...

So he's only starey at you? Does he actually speak to other people?

Big Hair Envy said...

For cryin' out loud woman, TALK to him already!!!!! Bwahahahaha!

Is he as cute as his outfit sounds? YUMMY!

Unknown said...

Calling him Starey Guy has such an interesting allure to it all...oooo, the mystery...the wanting to always makes me want to know is he related to Phillip Markoff or something equally creepy.

But, I still love Starey Guy stories...and WBFF stories...and San Fran Stories...and FISHERz stories...well, okay...I love them all, dang it.

Predo said...




I have no pants on, is that enough talking?