Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hike With SSG

Hey Fisher!

Want to go on a hike?

Okayz!  I tink dey haz cookeez der 4 meez.  Les goez!

SSG looks for one thing when she determines where to hike.

Could a kindergartner do it?
 If the answer is YES.  

Then SSG is IN.

SSG had never considered a hiking BENCH before.  But NOW?!  On. The. LIST.  Where's my lemon drop?

Even BETTER?  A LOOP hike.  Start and finish in the same place?  Without having to see the same thing twice?  One word.  GENIUS.

Especially if it means she gets to meet the guys RUNNING the loop in a couple different spots, stopping so they can say hi to Fisher.  

I yike doez guyz.

i tink i tyredz.

That's okay pupalah.  You rest.  Mommy is just going to drive us to Starbucks so she can pimp you out a little more.


I dreemz f cookeez ...

You and me both, pumpkin.

(And for those of you looking for the elephant penis ... because really, who isn't?  Here is the link to the post!  Thanks for the shout out Spit!  I think I'm going to come back and make out with you a little, I LOVE having your fun readers stop by!)


Suz Broughton said...

Those faces!!! I'm melting...hey, did someone say Lemon Drop?

ab said...

Trails that go in a loop are the only acceptable kind! Oh and drinks with Predo & SSG sounds like a helluva way to blow off work. Anytime!

Librarynan said...

Spit was right... your blog is way cool... and so is your dog! Mebbe she like to meet a guydog? Name of Tashi, who alzo dreems of cookies? Kidding, really - he lives too far away and doesn't like car rides. The Pork Loin thing was sooo funny!

Molly said...

my kind of hike! and kudos to Fisher for being a matchmaker...Good Doggie!

Living on the Spit said...

OOOooooo, don't tease me.

I want a t-shirt that says I am Spit.

Love Fisherz pink collar...that is too cool.

T said...

Fisher's face just kills me! How do you say no to her??

The Incredible Woody said...

Fisher is AWESOME! Who wouldn't want to stop and pet that puppy?!?

belladella said...

Okay- so we can definitely go hiking together. You are my kind of hiker. Trails that go in a loop are the only safe kind for me. I also like a nice clear path!

Predo said...

So while you think of a way to make "Elephant Penis" for dinner without Fisher wanting a little nibble, I will build us a "Lemon Drop Dispense" to take along for hiking purposes!

Sounds like a plan, yes?

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

Oh My Lord. I think we have the same criteria for hiking. LOVE the dog! ;0)

Frita said...

Ahhh... I miss the pup! And you :O)

Queen Lindsay said...

Awww, cute pup!