Friday, April 10, 2009

The Day SSG Might Have Died a Little

If you saw SSG's Twitter yesterday you would have seen me Tweet to mah tweeps "6 guys are working on my house.  I am sitting on the couch.  Bon bons anyone?"

I lied.

There weren't 6 guys working on my house yesterday.

There were SEVEN.


I'm pretty sure yesterday might have been the best day ever.  

SSG THOUGHT she was having a window replaced under warranty.  So when the guy came over a couple of weeks ago to check it out, we got to chatting.  And SSG sucks at home improvements (which duh, peeps you've seen my palace) so I thought I'd take advantage of my close proximity to a guy who knows how to fix stuff and asked for some advice on homeowner-y, repair-y type things.

I pointed out some drywall cracks inside my place and asked if he knew how I could repair them.  Then JOKINGLY laughed and said "oh yeah, how can I fix that too?" when he pulled up my kitchen blinds and only half of them went up.

So homeboy showed up yesterday with a CREW and when I opened the door he said:  "Good morning luckiest homeowner ever!"

SSG:  Hello!  Of course I'm LUCKY, don't you read mah blawg?
Warranty Guy:  What?
SSG:  Oh!  Just kidding.  Hi!  Are we so going to ROCK this WINDOW thing today or WHAT? 
WG:  YES!  And I have someone coming to repair those drywall cracks and then the guy should be here to fix your blinds.
SSG:  Wait, wait, wait.  What?  The warranty covers that too?  (This excited SSG because then it COULD cover crown moulding, paint AND minor carpentry such as cabinets and stuff that she needs built too, right?!  Don't warranties work that way?  I thought so!)
WG:  No but YES.
SSG:  Wha?
WG:  I talked to the developer and they've agreed to cover it under your interior warranty.
SSG:  The one that expired 3 years ago?
WG:  Yep.
SSG:  OHMAHGAH I AM the luckiest homeowner ever!

(And then it took every ounce of SSG's being not to wrap her legs around WG and start making out with him.  Because stuff!  Free!  That I need!  And don't have to do myself!  And YES, we're still talking about home improvements.)

Peeps!  Not only did the drywall get fixed, a guy touched up paint around MY ENTIRE PLACE.  Including the corner of the baseboard in the kitchen where Fisher chewed when she was a puppy and windowsills that I just painted myself a few weeks ago but STILL.  He did a way better job!  AND!  I got NEW blinds!

And ALL of this happened while I was sitting on my couch doing NOTHING.  (And if you know SSG, she LOVES doing nothing, just ask Predo).  Actually by nothing, I really mean I was PRETENDING to read magazines instead of doing what I was actually doing.  Which was CHECKING OUT the SEVEN GUYS walking in and out of my house smiling and asking if they could do anything else for me.

UM?  Did I die?  Is this what heaven looks like?


Just when SSG thought it couldn't get any better ...

A BASEBALL GAME CAME ON AT 10 a.m!!!!!!!  And SSG couldn't figure out what she wanted to watch more--the guys kindly fixing things in her little rowhouse.  Or the guys on the field playing her favorite sport ever.

So SSG did the only thing she could think of.

She looked up at the ceiling and said "Okay, seriously.  Am I dead?"


Bella Della said...

I hate you :)

Bella Della said...

Still hating you....but I had to tell you to have a really good weekend. And of course ask if any of the WGs were hot?

Molly said...

I hope our people deliver the goods like that!

Looks like you already got an Easter basket full of goodies :)

Unknown said...

Like Bella...I am soooooo jealous.

Happy Easter early to you!

I Am Woody said...

Glad you enjoyed the Easter gifts that I sent to you!!

Molly said...

SSG - no bowing. It's all in the equipment. But isn't that always the way? As in: I'm sure all those workmen had the right equipment to service SSG's abode.

Predo said...

Now your going to tell me that after the ball game, the workers in your house all stripped down into jock straps and started giving you a rub down.

You are the lickiest, I mean luckiest ever!

ab said...

The whole time I was reading this post, porno music was playing in my head. Bow-chika-wow-wow.

Anonymous said...

woo hoo!! nothing like free repairs.

When my house turned one, the builder came back to do little "things". I took the afternoon off...when I answered the door, there were two guys there. (It was just fix a few nail pops, some weatherstripping, etc.). I let 'em in, told them I had put blue tape on all the spots, and went to my study to do some work (or surf the net)
I came out like 20 minutes later and there were 8 guys up in here...fixing shit that I knew was my fault. It was awesome.

mom x 2 said...

WoooHooo, Days off and 7 men fixing stuff... doesn't get better than that :)

Big Hair Envy said...

O. M. G. Were you on Candid Camera??? Lucky Duck....

The next time I visit NYC, You MUST join me.....Our hotel was one block from the fire dept. Not so great at 3, 4 & 5 a.m., but during the day? Priceless... They had big, um, trucks...

Frita said... lucky thang! Are you still pinching yourself? Where are the pics? You should have had them pose.

I'm checking the Boston game for those seats!

Lys said...

OK - this is too much to handle in one night. Eye candy doing FREE labor in your house while you caught a game?

Definitely a little bit of heaven