Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Not ALWAYS About SSG

SSG has been ALL OVER THE PLACE lately, what with her interviews over here and over here and soon to be over here, here and here.  (Lys your questions are coming!)

I'M starting to get sick of myself, I can only imagine how you guys must feel.

So!  In the spirit of being all undercover secret agent like--is there something you want to know about any of the people that I've written about here?  This could be friends, family, co-workers or even other commenters?  I promise to get the scoop.  (Predo won't let me interview him thinking I already know too much and will get him in trouble.  But TRUST ME when I say next time I see him I'll distract him with a few gin and tonics and a low cut shirt with LOTS of cleavage ... that Jimmy will be wearing.) 

And then some other bits and pieces on people you haven't heard about for, like, a week.

Work BFF
 (On Tuesday--SSG took Friday &Monday Off)

SSG:  Dude!  Did you miss me?
BFF:  Not at all.  GUESS WHAT?!
SSG:  I'm not listening.
SSG:  Awesome!  Wait, what does that mean?  Do we get free coffee?
BFF:  No, but I do!  Or did ... yesterday.
SSG:  Not the whole week?
BFF:  No, but my name stays on the chalkboard all week showing what my drink is.
SSG:  Nice!  What's "your drink?"
BFF:  Grande coffee of the day.
SSG:  So it's only when I have to buy you coffee that you pick the one that takes 10 minutes to order and costs $20?
BFF:  Yep.
SSG:  So why did they give you this fabulous honor?
BFF:  Because ME + ZERO = AWESOME!

So Me + Zero = AWESOME goes to Starbucks and gets recognition.  SSG goes to Starbucks and gets the "Deluxe Fruit Blend" for $3.45, opens it up at her desk to find a few slices apple, some grapes a half a kiwi and a chunk of pineapple.

So NOT deluxe, Starbucks.   

Quiet Guy

I think Quiet Guy might be reading my blog. 

Yesterday he came up to me.  On his own accord.  In the LOBBY of our building (AWAY from the confines of our cube farm) while I was waiting for some friends to go to lunch.  And MADE A JOKE.  

And then today, he forwarded me an e-mail he thought I would think was funny.  Which I DID.  And then laughed at something I said when I wasn't talking to him but that was HILARIOUS (if SSG does say so herself.)

Are you there QG?  I have this paranoia that you're reading and secretly laughing at me by doing crazy things and then making me write about them.

SSG's Nemesis Known as THE WEATHER

Um, do you see that below readers?  THAT is a patch of blue sky.  In Portland.  In JANUARY.  I wasn't the only one out there taking a picture.

Miss Fisher

Noe pitchurz pleez.  I s tyred.  Unles maybeez u haz cookeez 4 meez?


Unknown said...

I am going to think all day long about my question and get back to you later on....there are so many, so I want to make sure it is the best question ever.

I love ask SSG day! Woo hoo.


Bella Della said...

I never get enough SSG :) I will be posting my interview tomorrow. I am almost done with chapter 9- just kidding!

I love the update on everyone. I am trying to think of something that I can ask you. Hmmm?

Predo said...

Now that BFF is famous, can I get his autograph?

Quiet Guy, what's the story? If you are just really shy, simply walk up to SSG and say "Dogs bark when the moon is full" so she knows you are reading!

And finally, your threat of gin is pointless. I am like a vault (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Enjoy the sun SSG! Spring will be here soon!

Frita said...

Yes, it's always about you SSG!! Your public demands it.

Will think of a question...

A suggestion though: Come up for a visit the weekend of 2/21-2/22 for the NW Flower & Garden show. Always gets me through the winter as a sign that spring is coming!!! Come up, come up, come up!!!

Cool Breeze said...

I'm waiting for a pic of SSG ... you know, the one with the cleavage. said...

More fascinating tidbits of yours are ALWAYS welcome. And I love hearing about your work friends.
How exciting is that, QG giving it up after all this time. I can picture you practically having a stroke when he opened the floodgates and all those words poured forth. ;-)

Unknown said...

Okay, here goes...

What was SSG like in high school...were you a good girl or a bit bad? What were your extra curricular activities?

What was the most outrageous thing that you ever did for which you never got caught?

I will await your wonderful answers!!

Love you,