Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Peachy

SSG loves country roads and farm stands and decided to hit the road yesterday to see what she could find.

"Open" is such a good word when it comes to farm signs don't you think?

Jossy Farms is in the Willamette Valley and grows apples, pears and PEACHES.

FARM FRESH. RIPE. PEACHES. Internets. It's worth shouting.

I think you'll agree?

A late summer day, walking through a peach orchard?


And please note Oregon's sunny skies. SSG would like to be balanced on her Oregon weather reporting because ... ahem ... she hasn't always been. Namely in DECEMBER 2008 (she's looking at you 2 week "Artic Blast".)

After this, an SSG can get a little hungry--she had heard a Sonic Burger came to town and was near where SSG was. SSG is nothing if not a fan of research.

Do you guys have Sonics near you? It was DELICIOUS--especially this frozen strawberry limeade slushy thing. Just typing that made SSG wonder if they're open yet. Which isn't a problem unless ... you know, it's 8:30 a.m. and 20 miles away. WHICH IT IS.

(But SO worth it.)

I swung by an apple orchard on my way home and grabbed some McIntosh apples to make some applesauce. Because YUM.

And these ...

Dahlias are SSG's favorite flowers. I think they look much happier at Chez SSG in a Bonne Maman jam jar, don't you?

Nothing cuter than flowers in a jelly jar. I think the residents of Chez SSG agree.


Rhi said...

We have a Sonic right by our work and it's TORTURE. Thank goodness I carpool and don't have a car most days.

ab said...

There's a Sonic right by my parents' place, which is more motivation to visit. The flowers are lovely, so is the day you're having. Jealous!

Unknown said...

There's a Sonic right down the way a little bit and I am seriously aviding it these days. Try a chili cheese Frito's wrap...they are (were) my favorite.

Love the farm photos and those flowers...lovely. I am so glad you are having a wonderful time.

Bella Della said...

Sigh...the farm, the flowers...And now I'm craving Sonic even though I've never been to one.

Um, and how cute is your little porch?!?!?!

I Am Woody said...

Oh, yeah! We are classy enough to have 2 Sonics. Cherry limeade is my favorite:)

Farm stand take on a whole new meaning if wandering around Amish country. Freshly baked breads. Cinnamon rolls with maple glaze. Jams. Jellies.

I'll be leaving for Holmes County, OH at first light..... said...

Oh, you have made me so hungry for fresh fruit, now! Have to go out and get some!

Frita said...

Wow... it all looks adorable.Did you get some peaches too? I have never made applesauce before.I think I need to try it.

Looks like you have had a lovely vaca!

BTW... I love that lime and berry thing. I have only been to Sonic once in California and had it. Delicious!
We need to go there next time we visit!