Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Day of Vacation

So it's Monday evening and here I sit in my office thinking back over the last ELEVEN days I've had off ... how quickly they go.

I head back to work tomorrow, which actually is a good thing. I seem to have buried myself in projects around the house. It seems like when you have one area torn up, everything else gets torn up and pretty soon you're sleeping on your balcony because there is no room in your house.

Not really.

But I am tempted.

There IS a gorgeous yellow moon out tonight, hanging just above the horizon.

Anyhoo ... a few of the shots from my quick trip down to the beach made possible by Oscar (Predo's dog) and Fisher's Auntie K. Thanks again Auntie K! It was lovely!

Though it wasn't so lovely when I first drove in ...

Within an hour though, the meh headed east.

And Predo & I took the dogs down to the beach ... and YES, that would be my dog LAYING DOWN in the water.

Oh! But we're up again and ready to chase the tennis ball.

This was the beach house that Auntie K and I decided would be just fine if it belonged to one of us.

The Cape Cod shingles, white trim and adirondack chairs just screamed Labor Day weekend. The only thing missing was one of the Kennedys.

This was SSG's spot that distracted her while she got a sunburn.

Okay and maybe THIS distracted her a little bit too ...

SSG now has a permanent pattern on her chest and left arm of the t-shirt she was wearing ... a rosy end to what was a wonderfully relaxing summer vacation.

Hope your weekends were fabulous ... and slightly less pink inducing.



Living on the Spit said...

Such great photos!!! I am so glad you all had such a fun time...and how adorable is that beach house...and the views. Amazing.

Rhiannon said...

We were at the beach also this weekend. Where we caught zero keepable crabs but ate the best fish and chips ever.

Frita said...

great pics! How absolutely delightful! Beach, sun, dogs running happy and free. What a way to end the summer...

The Incredible Woody said...

Such a beautiful place! That beach is fantastic!!

BellaDella said...

Oh wow! It's so beautiful. I was totally laughing at Fish laying in the surf.

Molly said...

beach shot # 2 redonkulously gorgeous!

Fisher in the surf? Adorable, as ever.