Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Throwback!

Ohhhh peeps.

SSG has gone and done it.

Do you remember these Esprit ads from the 80's?  SSG does.

She had them plastered all over her junior high school walls.

Where does one EVEN begin?

The pinnacle of style ... when you and your boyfriend can wear the same sweater.  But the TWIST.

You get to wear it as a DRESS!

This picture is SO small.  But SSG is pretty sure she sold her soul to have her mom buy her this snowflake sweater.

It was paired with black stretch pants and slouchy socks.  Which HAWT.

And SSG is pretty sure that in the garage she just cleaned out, there is STILL a 7th grade yearbook photo with SSG and 15 of her closest friends each holding one of these bags.
Did you espouse the Esprit?


Rhi said...

Um, I may or may not have an actual Esprit skirt and an actual Esprit dress (purchased at the Rack) in my closet.

Oh, and an actual Esprit Bag. From my youth.

I Am Woody said...

Dear God, I loved Esprit! And Benetton. And...

Unknown said...

I HAD THE SAME SWEATER!!! OMG...I can tell you that I got it at Lynnhaven Mall on a Friday night and had begged my father to buy it for me!!!

I loved that sweater.

ab said...

I recall a bright pink, blue and green Esprit sweater that I wore as a dress with a white shiny belt. Awesome.

Heidi Ann said...

I loved Esprit- I remember them from back when all I could do was mail order from their big beautiful catalogs. I think I might even still have something from back then. I remember buying an adorable pair of black velvet ballet flats with a bow on the top - they were too small, and I thought sending them back was too much trouble. so about 25 years later, I finally sold them on ebay! I loved them - I was so mad they they were too small.

Molly said...

Not sure how i missed this post! I had the longer sweater from the first photo. But no way my boyfriend would have worn it. there was only one guy in our class cool enough to wear the boy's version: Kenny. And he had a cool 280Z-car to go with it.

Big Hair Envy said...

I liked Esprit, but I was more of a Benneton gal! Ooops! Am I showing my age?

HalfAsstic.com said...

I am mesmerized by the hair on the dude in that shot with the matching chick.
And, yes, Esprit ads did totally rock!