Friday, May 1, 2009

I Want Mah Meme Back Meme Back Meme Back

Supah hawt Texan Krissa, over at Halfasstic, thinks that there are seven things about SSG that ya'll don't already know (that was for you, Texas).

So here goes ...

1)  Remember when I dropped a drawer on my toe a couple of weeks ago?  My toe is STILL black.  Which, um ... pretty much ensures I'm not going to get naked with anyone until THAT has been rectified.  Have you SEEN the movie Boomerang?  SSG prides herself on having attractive feet.  Correction:  On having had attractive feet up until 2 weeks ago.

2)  I'm meeting up with Predo and AB from Irregardless for adult bevvies next week and CAN'T WAIT.  Predo has sexually harassed both of us individually, but never together ... I hope he gets his rest the night before.  And I have never met AB!  So I'm essentially going on a blind girl date with Predo as our joint wingman.  In a word?  AWESOME!  

3)  There was an awkward moment this week where I thought Quiet Guy was going to ask me out.  I got an instant message from him (despite the fact that we essentially sit next to each other with a 6 foot cube wall separating us).  

Peeps, this is how it went down:

QG:  Have you given any thought to those Plate & Pitchfork dinners?
SSG: I've heard about them.  They sound fun.  (?????!!!)
QG:  They're kind of spendy.  But if you eat at the chef's restaurants it's similar.  Just without the whole eating outside part.
SSG:  Cool. 
The end.


Can someone please pass me a straightjacket?  I think I might need it.

4)  Everyone at the office is annoying Work BFF & SSG this week.  So this afternoon we had the following exchange:

SSG:  Any interest in a stealth coffee run?
SSG:  Please hold for coordinates.
BFF:  Affirmative.
SSG:  We got two bogeys heading toward the elevator, over.
BFF:  Talk to me Goose.
SSG:  NO WAY am I Goose!  YOU'RE Goose.  I am so utterly and COMPLETELY MAVERICK.
BFF:  Um, dude.  NO WAY are you Maverick.  I'm Maverick.  You can be Charlie.
SSG:  DUDE!  Kelly McGillis just came out of the closet and likes chicks now.  I'M SO MAVERICK.

This debate continued down the elevators, in line at Starbucks, during a walk around the block and back up the elevators, finally ending after happy hour with the work peeps:

BFF:  Night, Goose.
SSG:  Whatever, Goose.

5)  SSG HATES the acronym "LOL."  She also hates when dudes wear suit jackets and dress shoes with jeans.  So when I e-mailed Work BFF to see what he was doing this morning he responded "I'm lol-ing my ass off right now while wearing my suit jacket, dress shoes and jeans."  

I don't know if I love or hate the fact he knows SSG's pet peeves so well.

6)  Um ... I seriously think you guys know everything else about me.  OH! OH! OH!  I'm going to a John Legend concert at a vineyard just outside of Seattle with this sexy biyotch over the summer.

7)  I really WANT to like Sheryl Crow's music because she seems like a very nice, strong, intelligent woman despite her multi year foray into dating the douche that is Lance Armstrong.   But SSG really has a STRONG DISLIKE for Sheryl Crow's music.

But she LOVES all of you!

Have a good weekend pretties,


Molly said...

Thanks for the LOL fun, and it's almost the weekend!!

Give Fisher and Rainy a scratch behind the ears from me.


I Am Woody said...

I'm glad someone else doesn't like Cheryl Crowe's music. I have tried to like it, I really have! But her voice tends to hurt my eardrums for some reason!

Bella Della said...

All I wanna do is have some fun...LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I am laughing to hard to write anything else. kill me.

ab said...

I too can't wait for our girl date with Predo as chaperone! I have to say, I also dislike Cheryl Crowe, I just don't get why. I also dislike Jodie Foster because her face is too pointy.

Rhi said...

LOVE the Plate and Pitchfork dinners - we went to two last year. Totally worth it. (And, I say this because my boyfriend paid for both dinners. What? I'm the girl!)

Also - hate LOL. HATE IT. Also? Hate 'hubby' 'hubs', etc.

That is all.

big hair envy said...

I've always had ugly feet. In fact, a black&blue toenail would be an improvement!!!

I'm REALLY jealous of your triple blind date with Predo. Next time, call me will ya? said...

I SO love a good pedicure! It's flip flop weather down here almost year round anyway.
Thanks tons for referring to me as supah hawt! AND the gratuitous "ya'll's". Heh, spell check is not from the south, I see.
Tell, work BFF that you are SO Maverick and he is A goose.
LOL! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Predo said...


Just kidding! Let me go strip out my closet and see what outfit I can pull out for our date!!!

Wait, is it okay to wear that jacket and dress shoes if they are covered in sequins?

Suz Broughton said...

He's a text tease!