Sunday, January 27, 2008

Who Am I?

Name: (Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl
Location: Portland, OR
Age: (Early) Thirty-something
Sex: Not recently
Alma Mater: San Diego State University 
Job: Financial Analyst (It's not as boring as it sounds ... well ... maybe sometimes.)


Frequently succumbs to good cocktails, cute heels and long naps.

Couldn't live without friends, my mangy mutt from the pound, artisan bread and expensive cheese and the latte art Stumptown Coffee Roasters makes in my coffee every morning.

Really Wants to Reduce Her Carbon Footprint, but usually wakes up too late to get a seat on the MAX and drives (sorry!) downtown to work.

Loves The Office, Food Network, the old arcade game "Tapper" (or "Root Beer Tapper" as it became known later), baseball, wine, autumn, fireworks, passionate kisses, pajamas, any restaurant with the word "Bistro" in the title, Saturday mornings, dinner parties, my page a day "Office Dare" calendar and dahlias--the firework of all flowers.

Hates Sunday nights, bleached blond hair (so what if I've done it!), dieting and lack of kindness.

And finally, I am a girl who, despite all evidence to the contrary, believes in happily ever after ... and that life is good as it is, but that it might be the tiniest bit better if I were living in Paris.