Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend ABC's - B is for Bobs & Bestsellers

(Alternate Title:  B is for Bloated Blogger)

Is it Sunday night already?  (Please lie to me.)


It isn't?  

Perfect! I'll go down and lounge on my couch with a glass of wine instead of doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming and going to the grocery store.  All of which sound like ... well, torture.  

I was telling the guys at work the other day that I LOVE being an adult.  I like having my own house and setting my own bed time.  And the money is cool because I can do or buy what I want.  But to all the other stuff (to which I flung my hands around to emphasize my point) it can just go away.

So the Bobs were in town this weekend!  I'm sure Mrs. Bob over at My Myriad Life will post some much better photos of our time in "Camp Portland" but I just had my cell phone with me, so um ... yeah, SSG decided she NEEDS an SLR camera.  (Are you there Santa?  It's me, SSG.) 

I "worked" on Friday.  And by "worked" I mean I talked to the two other guys that were also "working."  When we weren't "working," we were listening to each others IPods and either a) making fun of each other's music choices or b) telling stories about our memories attached to each song.  

You can learn A LOT about people by their music choices.  SSG needs some more "pep" music because apparently all of her music is heavy on "chill" and "guitar-iness."   And the guy that had "Father Figure" had his dude card revoked.

And I think I may have just used up my annual "quote" ration. 

Anywho, the Bobs met me after work and we walked up to Pioneer Courthouse Square for the annual tree lighting. 

I LOVE the annual tree lighting.  But note to the organizers of this event:  The SPEECHES?  And long haired violin players?  Do not interest the crowd.  WE WANT TO SEE THE TREE LIGHT UP ALREADY.  No need for a lead in longer than 5 minutes peeps.  

The holiday 2008 extravaganza may now begin!  (SSG chooses to wait until the day AFTER Thanksgiving instead of starting to play Christmas carols right after the 4th of July.)

Mrs. Bob and I descended upon Predo and kidnapped him, forcing him to go to his first movie in a theater since 1993.  He ordered a large popcorn, not realizing that "large" in the year 2008 means a popcorn the size of Kansas.  After 3 bites, he looked at me and said "I feel like I just ate a stick of butter and swallowed a cup of salt."  To which SSG replied "here, let me help you with that."  And then proceeded to eat popcorn throughout the entire movie.

We saw Twilight, with the rest of preteen Portland.  And now we all have crushes on Edward ... like the rest of preteen Portland.

SSG then decided that a burrito from Chipotle was a good idea.  And um ... does Macy's need anymore floats this week?  Because I might be able to step in ... if for no other reason than the sheer amount of MSG in my system that is clinging to every drop of water in a six mile radius.

But enough about me, how are YOU?


Big Hair Envy said...

OMG!!!! You met Edward??? Was he HAWT???

Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. Wish I had been there to hang out with you famous bloggers:)

Hope your week is not too disappointing. I'm sure mine will be:( When is my next day off????

Word Verification: that sort of like Unibomber??? Uniblogger??? Bwahahahaha!

Predo said...

Okay, so I guess size does matter (with popcorn at least!!!), but I did eat more then three handfuls!

Thanks for dragging me out to the movies with you! I can't beleive they have sound now! Wow, what is next?

So, when I got home I went back to reading book three. This is one that I am pacing myself. I only read a little each day, sort of savoring it. I'm nervous, there is no book 5, what will I do? WHAT WILL I DO?????

Rhi said...

My very favorite thing is that the tree lighting is televised. My least favorite thing is that I did not watch it.

Bella Della said...

You are so funny! I had to go the doc today and I swear I about stood on the scale backwards. Note to self- no doc appts after Thanksgiving! I will be back to normal blogging tomorrow- I say this like I assume folks have missed me- haha! :) said...

I want to say again that I think we all need to meet up in... somewhere! That would be a blast! I can't believe it had been that long since Predo had been to a movie theater. And you need to move your office chair and desk close to the bathroom door and take a fluid pill. You will feel sooooo much better!
The tree looks beautiful and it's great to hear that you got to go and see the lighting!

Molly said...

so do we like Twilight the movie better, or Twilight the book? i have book one but stopped after about 18 pages. need to pick it back up just to keep up w/current culture. i think i was just in a phase of can't read after work because my head is so full of @#%^)(! from the office.

Anonymous said...

I, too, saw the lighting of the tree at Pioneer Courthouse Square and then proceeded to see "Twilight". Parallel lives much? :o)
I prefer the book(s) to the movie, but hot damn! I'd make out with Edward any day of the week! To think that they filmed here in Portland and the cast hung out at Powell's Books.
So close, yet so far. . . .

~Auntie Peep