Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ladies, Lend Me Your Husbands

I think I had a male reader once.  Maybe twice (put your hand down Predo, you know you're one of the girls).

So I'm in a conundrum.  (Question ... are you IN a conundrum, or do you HAVE a conundrum?)  

Where was I again?

Oh yeah ...

Apparently SSG has a new cute neighbor.  And the only reason SSG knows she has a new cute neighbor is because EVERYONE ELSE HAS MET THE CUTE NEIGHBOR BUT SSG ... INCLUDING HER FRIENDS' FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER.

This is how much I know.
  • He moved in when I was in France.
  • He knows who I am!  When my friend was housesitting for me a few weeks ago, she met him and he said "I thought SSG lives here?"  (I'm so TOTALLY famous ... in my neighborhood ... or maybe just with my other neighbors who probably told him I lived next door.  Whatever.)
  • He golfs.
  • He has blue eyes.
I don't even know the poor guy's name even though I think he has come over to introduce himself a few times.  But note to cute neighbor:  SSG NEVER answers her door unless she's expecting someone because weekend + SSG = ponytail & baseball shirts.

So this is where I need you and yo' mans ... more importantly their stomachs.  This is prime baked goods drop off time.   I can SO use Baby Jesus' birth as an excuse to check him out and introduce myself.   (Did anyone else just see that flash?  That wasn't lightening, right?  Because that might burn the cookies.) 

If you're a dude, or have one in your house, or care to weigh in ... basically if you're BREATHING, please help an SSG out by letting me know what kind of cookies I should bring the boy next door. 

Big chewy ginger cookies?
Jam thumbprints?
Classic chocolate chip?
Any other butter, sugar, flour combo that isn't listed here?

And cute neighbor would like to thank you in advance.  Because he's TOTALLY polite like that ... I think.


Christopher said...

You can either (1) over-think the situation to craft an image of yourself that will be supported by your chosen baked goods or (2) cook whatever you want.

You can easily create (false) pros and cons of each of those cookies. Take good ol' chocolate chip cookies. They are my personal favorite and I will choose them over any cookie (except sometimes oatmeal). But, if you wanted to read negative into it, its traditionalist, conformist, boring, et al. Your "fancier" cookies are going to be creative, but could also be read as trying too hard, snooty, uppity, too good for regular-folks cookies.

But, you wanted a guy's advice, not his rambling. Advice: bake whatever cookies you like. You are seriously over-thinking the message behind your cookies.

HalfAsstic.com said...

OH! OH! OH! I know!
I will get you the recipe tomorrow! I gotta get to bed, but I am telling you that I have the very best oatmeal/butterscotch chip cookie recipe in the world!
You will thank me when you eat one! TO. DIE. FOR.
Baby Jesus would approve of these... I'm pretty sure.

Suz Broughton said...

Brownies! Always Brownies!

Molly said...

umm, conundrum, that's the wine, right? then one would be IN conundrum as it likes you to frolic in the golden liquid even while you are drinking it.

And I vote for Brownies or Chocolate Chips (or even sausage balls or spicy cheese straws to go with beer since guys don't always have sweet teefs) but only half a batch, so you will have an excuse to bring more different stuff for a followup scope-uh, that is holiday surprise-if he merits it.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies are ALWAYS good choices!

Ooohhh...I like Molly's suggestion of sausage balls. Those are my favorite:)

I'll get Cool Breeze to come over and give you his two cents.

Word Verification: binger Maybe THAT's what you are supposed to take him:D

Bella Della said...

Classic chocolate chip. And I have a great recipe if you want it. The men in my family wait for these each year.

Okay, in my vicarious life via SSG I am very, very excited about this new neighbor. I NEED more details :)

Rhi said...

I think if you had a couple other people you could give baked goods to this Christmas, then you should maybe make a variety of cookies. This will demonstrate your RANGE in baking. Also, if he happens to not like something there are a couple other things he might like.

Cool Breeze said...

"Sweets for the Sweet" can be corny sometimes. If you want to go that way, chocolate anything is always good or you could go with some type of Christmas cookie.

Maybe some still warm homemade bread. No man can turn that down.

It almost depends on the message you are trying to send. Do you want to just say hi, drop them off and leave or do you want to be able to have a conversation? Maybe a nice bottle of wine to welcome him to the neighborhood? Maybe some tequila if you want to get wild?

Predo said...

I find that the gift of several different cookies pays off. You do not know what he likes, so if you make (or hell, buy) several different types of cookies he will have choices. He will also be impressed! Maybe Saturday you could seing by, will slap some cookies together, wrapped in colored celephane with a dirty picture of you inside!!!

(Sometimes!) Serendipitous Girl said...

You guys are AWESOME! And we have actual GUYS that posted--so I can say four guys have read my blog! I will let you know what I decide ... after much sampling, of course. And as I told Bell Della earlier over e-mail, the poor guy has no idea. I hope he's not a blog reader.

FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I like the several cookies idea or the chocolate chips by themselves